Best refs?


Again yes those referees are excellent and deserve to be where they are I cant fault anything with the ones youve named. But I could name more referees at the a panel standard who shouldnt be at that level but continue to get senior games and give you names of refs in lower league standards who have told me they have been trying to get to ref senior for years but the usual click of getting referees who shouldnt be at that standard continue to ref at that level.
My problem is things done by the dcb committee are not consistant enough and this frustrates many referees and managers


That is correct regarding the criteria @Dubsfanhurler


Let me be clear the standard of refereeing in dublin is the best in the country if im honest but my argument is there are too many referees at senior level who should not be there and this is due to a click.


Curious Alan, do many refs progress from CCC2 to adult?
I don’t mean just do both or always have, but do many young referee’s start out at CCC2 and progress through adult?


Some do. A lot are happy at juvenile. Less grief. Not involved much any more so I’m not too sure how things go now.


I’m agreeing with you 100%. My response was a reply to boarddelegate.


Apologies misread it wrong


Had that very conversation with them both Al on numerous occasions


Mick Flaherty… “Step into my office” :joy:




There are some very good young Referees in Dublin at the moment, the future looks good but Managers and a lot of hangers-on, on the sideline will have to get used to these new Refs not taking sh1t.


Some might say the managers shouldn’t be abusing now!


There are really good young refs the problem is they arent given the chance to step up to Senior
or intermediate level compared to many older refs (who dont pass the fitness every year) and some dont do the test ( which also happens) continue to get games as there is a click with the Dcb…I can see managers frustrations at the older type refs who walk around and from this arent close to see the fouls.


Plenty are given the chance from my observation


I also understand the fitness and rules test is purely just for A panel, Snr A. Not Snr B or Intermediate.


Plenty arent given the chance… the lads who are in the click with the committee are… yes the “a panel” would have fitness and rules test… as ive commented and others have not all these referees complete and/or pass this yearly test but continue to referee at Senior level(September this year being the latest time it has happened)… even lads reffing at senior b and intermediate should be doing fitness tests to referee at this standard in my opinion as many are not up to that standard


I agree that some are not up to standard. But the argument that young refs don’t get a chance is not a decent argument IMO. There is plenty of examples of young refs doing very well, excluding the intercounty lads of recent, there was a lad from NaFianna no more than late 20’s doin Junior final this year, Ciaran something or other.
Dan Stynes is another “young” referee.
Also, the term “young” referee, what constitutes “young”?


Around Dublin young is 18-28