Best refs?


Well all referees who are on the a panel are meant to refeee senior championship games only as appointed by the dcb


You must be a disgruntled referee?


Two incorrect “facts” there. One - all Referees on the A panel this year did both tests.
Two - no Referee took charge of a Senior Championship game in the summer because there were none played then. It’s one of the big problems for Club competitions.


Your like a politician boarddelegate…my statement of during the summer was incorrect I meant in September …secondly that information is not correct I know for a fact that one referee on the a panel did not do either tests and this was told to me in September when I attended a game in o toole park… also all referees did not pass the fitness test…but look you must be in the click protecting those boys who make decisions


@Dubsfanhurler you could say that


Id love to hear what you quantify as being good referee, on the basis that judging by your tone, there are none


You are correct not all Referees passed the test. The fact is that those Referees who failed to reach the pass mark were removed from the A list and dropped down to the next level. As a result they were not appointed to any senior games this year. As for what you claim you were told - it’s not true!
Anyway it’s all immaterial now, the list no longer applies from this evening, the 2018 championships are over. New tests will take place in Spring 2019 and new lists will be formed then.


My statement regarding an a panel referee not doing the test this year is correct and the referee in question confirmed this to me a few minutes ago so its a bit weird why he would say that…
And lads that did not pass the test are still reffing at the standard or there are other refs with the same name being appointed to senior 1 and 2 games…
I will keep an eye out for the new lists and appointments in Spring as youve mentioned so


Your info is incorrect regards refs who either didn’t pass or didn’t take part in fitness tests and were still appointed to senior games. May not have been glamour ties in the senior champ but the appointments happened and further frustrated the referee base we have in the capital.


100% correct.

Whilst fitness and rules are paramount to ref at the top (or appropriate level) the appointment of referees is a real grievance within refs. Not so much for county final appointments but more so the overall structure and general mood amongst referees and the level of respect they receive from within.


My information is correct I stand by my statement. Fact is too many clicks for “a standard” referees if you ask me


Whats a standard referee?
Do you mean a referee not good enough to ref senior?


A panel standard !


Derek Doran was one of the best around, exceptional with players and they respected him for it. Never got a good run with senior games and it was a crying shame. His handling of one of the most difficult players I ever managed was just top notch. His son was a bloody good referee too. Not sure if they’re still at it. I hope they are!


@Dubsfanhurler you think all referees at senior level are of the standard needed for those games… there are plenty of referees reffing lower levels and should be up these instead of some of the referees up there. My point is a click is there and it needs to be addressed as there are plenty of good refs at lower standards frustrated at lack of opportunities to ref at a higher standard due to this click!


Are senior 2 games subject to same criteria for refs as Senior 1 ?.


Had both Derek and Brian this season, two excellent refs. Only two who will take the time to let players know what they did wrong. Too many times I’ve seen players genuinely ask why a free was given, and ball was moved forward or player gets booked.


The incomprehensible failure to give either a good run at adult level meant they were more than happy to ref at CCC2 level. And when I was invioved I kept them very, very busy :slight_smile:


No i dont think they’re all to the same standard. But neither are some the players or clubs playing in the leagues…

I don’t know a lot about day to day operations of refereeing and the clicks etc. but i do watch a lot of games and see a lot of refs and know that some could be doing more to improve.

The other thing is while you might have a problem with how things are done, I don’t recall Dublin having as much representation on intercounty panels, off the top of my head
Barry Tiernan, Sean Stack, Chris Mooney, Thomas Gleeson are all on National Panel
Darragh Sheppard, James King, David O’Connor are all on Leinster panel
, i was talking to a DCB official recently who said that about 4 more had been brought in for development by Leinster, i think Seamus Farrell was one of them?
So something is being done right in DCB to develop refs


From my understanding, no. Senior 2 championship is a grade below. But someone will have to confirm otherwise as im not certain