Best refs?


Barry Tiernan is a great football ref and is doing well at county stuff too.
I was watching the earlier game on TG4 i seen Sean Stack & Chris Mooney were both linesmen in the 21B All Ireland Final. Good to see some representation from Dublin at All Ireland level.


Jason Buckley from Setanta is good ref, explains to players what free was awarded for etc.


Stack is a good ref but still young enough to play corner back for us but the games he refs clash with our matches


Disagree regarding Buckley. Anton Keating was excellent, is he not reffing anymore?


Eddie Walker let a lot go so long as you were playing the ball. You wouldn’t want to put an unguarded foot near the sliotar. Fine with me, to be honest.


Have to agree about Anton he is or was a great ref


Sorry Anton, wasn’t sure if you still Ref’d :joy::joy:


imo havent played at all levels in dublin hurling atm theres a good crew of snr A refs some older some younger ,when you dont let it flow you dont know what your doing or when you stick to rules your whistle happy a bit of common sense goes a long way but no matter what youl make mistakes but no matter what the hurler on the ditch or the weekend ref will always say yoir wrong.


A friend of mine is Captain of his Junior team and at the start of a recent game the Referee told him and the other Captain “Lads, tell your players that ALL decisions that I make today will be based on what “I” see, so I won’t be needing any help”