Best refs?


No idea. Don’t know him (or them) just seen his name about fixtures and seen him once adult once juvenile maybe and done well on both


Yep thats the lad, is he doing senior games yet? Have only seen him at juvenile but was impressed


No not senior. Down around the low juniors divisions 7/8/9


Think his dad may have reffed years ago, brother is only young. Would know faolan well, very good ref and still only 20!


Is the dad Padraig?


Used to like Gearóid from Setanta. Not sure if he is still reffing. Was still playing for their juniors at the time.


He’s based out of Wexford now. Has done a lot of Cristy Ring and Nicky Rackard this year. He was fourth official for Limerick v Cats.


Graroid was one of the best refs around had no problem letting you know he was in charge but compared to a lot of refs out there he had respect you knew he was a strong honest ref.
Most refs are honest actually all refs are honest it’s that bit of authority that makes a good ref


The Meath Chronicle wouldn’t agree with you about Gearóid.For the second time,a couple of weeks ago,they crucified him over a match involving a Meath team.I hope that he doesn’t read the Chronicle.


I have never disagreed with a sentence more in my entire life.


From Cork I think? We used to mark one another a few years back and then he’d turn up to ref us next time! Decent old skin.


He’s from Tipp originally.


What I mean is they don’t set out to be dishonest that doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes or that they are good refs they just don’t do it on purpose
At Parnells I can honestly say there is one ref in particular that has sent a Parnells player off in 90% of the games he refs us in but he was also correct 90% of the time
While there is a ref from our nearest rivals geographically that it breaks his heart to give us a free ( well at least it looks that way)but I think it’s just we don’t like or rate him so we think he is out to rob us


Eddie Walker from Tooles was good ref… Was one chap who was a bit portly who used never move beyond the two 40 lines! So anything beyond that was killing zone :grinning: Funniest incident was seeing ref from Raheny being chased off on his bike from Monicas when we beat them in a cup game.

“Go back to Raheny you count.” You would think he had come over from Syria!


Always liked and rated Eddie only thing you had to be careful of was not to end up talking to him after the game He could bore you to sleep typical taxi driver


IMHO one of the best hurling refs out there and a super ref at under age level. Even if he didn’t move too fast he could see everything. Had a brilliant feel for the game. One of the best.


Just to be clear I wasn’t talking about Eddie as I said always liked and rated him but you got the club right


I still disagree, I have seen referee’s make decisions that are so ludicrous that it has to be based on a great dislike for either the individual or the team/club. I’ve also spoken to referees who pre game have said watch (insert name) he deserves to be sent off most games etc, when I’ve being doing umpire for them.

Best football referee out there at the moment IMO is Barry Tiernan from O’Dwyers and best hurling ref over the last decade has been Dave O’Donovan from Marks, though not sure he’s still doing it. Don’t get to see too many hurling club games these days to see if he maintained the standard!!!


As I said I felt a number of refs where out to get Parnells as in they didn’t like us but I honestly believe it’s the fact we didn’t rate them which meant any 50/50 calls that went against us we felt it was because the ref don’t like us but you find over a season you get some calls and you don’t get others


I wasn’t referring to Eddie as the ref who stayed between the 40s!

Apologies for any misunderstanding. There was another chap, moustache from Barrs who was great ref to have if you were playing likes of Service or Fianna :grinning: