Best Refs?


Derek Doran


Did he ever do adult games?


Never as far as I’m aware.

Used to ref 3/4 games of mine from about u12 up he was always top class and


My sarcasm detector is going off the scales here.


He’s brilliant. His son is excellent too. He told me before that he wasn’t bothered with senior games as he kept getting over looked for the decent games. Really and truly an excellent referee. Would have loved to see him tested with a dent level SFC games run.


We had a game in the Park and Tommy was the referee.One of our lads was planted by a punch from his marker and Tommy who was about two yards away shouts out " I didn’t see a thing""! At the time we didn’t think it was funny but afterwards we had a good laugh about it. Saw him at the Setanta-Crumlin Senior Championship game recently.Looked good despite having health problems.


Brutal IMO. Like a few others, had a handy knack of turning games into being all about him.
For me Mick Bissett was head and shoulders above any name mentioned here.


If Sweeney was to be a inter county referee could he ref Dublin games? He from Laois. Could be replacement for Dublin Joe :smile:



Hiya Mick!