Best Refs?


Vinnys brother?


could be actually. Not dissimilar looking


Philip Brady :innocent:




Is Brian O’Shea refereeing anymore? He was getting inter county games at one stage


a good man to hold the centre


Living down the country now as far as I know. Gary McCormack was inter county aswell but not doing it anymore.


Gary was a fantastic ref back in the day. Sound man off the field!


I’d say your man who reffed the Ballymun Vins Afl6 has to be ressers honorary favourite ref, his ■■■■ up has provided us with one of all the all time great threads. Thank you to you sir!


I always enjoyed games where Paddy Kane refereed… maybe not for the right reasons… I loved his responses to players on the field who questioned his (some crazy) decisions.


Played an Div11N ame out in Rolestown this year.

I forget who the ref was but I let a shout when a Ravens players clearly picked the ball up off the ground. I let a shout out to let the ref know this :grinning: He calls me over and he goes…“Yellow card for no Gumshield and Black card for Dissent…off you go” I thought he was serious as anything goes out in the North county but then he just said…come on, Im doing me best her, lets just play the game :joy:


Played an U-21 Hurling league game back in the day V Boden. Ref, who’s name escapes me now, he was a postman from Crumlin and refereed Senior Hurling at the time. Just before throw in for second half he told us that there was not enough ground Hurling in Dublin anymore and second half was ground Hurling only! He blew anytime someone picked it up!!!


Certainly not the lad who was refereeing Ballymun v Vincent’s in AFL6 on Sunday anyway


Tommy Furlong?..great honest ref