Best of luck Cuala


Sometimes lads wanna play in Croke Park…all the time lads wanna win…couldn’t see na piarsigh offering to switch…they’d be mad



OAs the man says “I want to go to Croke Park on paddy’s day”…they’ve new advert out tomorrow… “I want to go to birr on 24th”


One game. He’s been imperious in most if not all games up to this and he’s not going 100% at it. 21 years old after a spell of Sigerson football. Give him another shout next time out.


Not helped by the opposition being happy to rugby tackle him if he got the ball.


Watching laochra Gael on Shefflin after the match and even he had off days. Con is an exceptional athlete, it would take more than a decent county full back to stop him when he’s on song. His striking isn’t poor either, the two shots he had that fell short for one of them the full back came down on his wrist with the hurl should have been a free in. It’s a pity we may never see him in a Dublin jersey playing hurling but I’m glad he’d a dub in some form


Perfect striking under pressure when your hands are like blocks of ice is not easy! Give the lad a break.


I don’t get the whinging from some quarters about the free that led to the equalizing goal. The foul can easily be seen and is blown immediately.


Yes indeed. Spot on!


If fact there was 2 other “frees” before that which weren’t given! For the life of me I can’t understand why it’s not a free when an opponent kneels on your back when you go down to lift a ball! Happens a lot in games and goes unpunished most of the time! With regards yesterday’s game I thought the referee did ok until 2nd half of extra time! I fairness just like some of the players at that stage he was tired and judgment might be slightly wrong!


I don’t think Cuala were as fluid as they normally were in this. I wonder how much of a factor the cold was in that. Skill levels drop in extreme cold (as was evident in Waterford v Cork yesterday where guys couldn’t pick the ball up when standing on their own). Cuala might go better in more civilized weather


Any word yet on when/where the replay will take place?


Think its announced later on


Croke Park meeting today to sort NHL 1/4 finals that got snowed out! So would assume they will announce details for that game also!


Simple solution, play Cuala game in Croker, and Hurlers in Parnell…


In principle I would agree with that! But you do realise that the tossers would probably fix the games for the same time! :lying_face:


5.30 Saturday in Portlaoise


Think the club final should have been refixed for Croker instead of the NHL QF.


All Ireland Club SHC REPLAY has been scheduled for 5:30pm on Sat March 24th in O’Moore Pk.

Spread the word.



Lovely zoom in on Colm Cronin there as he cleared his left nostril … :expressionless:


Best of luck Cuala!