Best of luck Cuala


FRee taking jobbie?


That’s what I was thinking,

What is ‘free taking jobbie’ insan cupla focail?


Nerves are shattered. Great stuff!


Must be over so,if they are awarding MOTM.


Did he forget his referee his whistle? Frees were hard earned out there


Cuala very lucky in my opinion. Backs were poor enough and little offered by Con and Schutte thanks to good work by Na P. But they get a second chance that I expect them to take


Great battling by Cuala against physically imposing opponents.

Great accuracy from Treacy throughout. When was Con last so quiet, if ever?


Cuala would have been lost without treacy,kept them in the match


Good comeback by cuala…right to end.
NaP will have 2 suspended back for replay?
Replay in Birr, you’d think NaP will prefer tighter pitch.


Great effort by Cuala, never bowed even into the strong wind in the last 11 mins of extra time.


Con is a great hurler for a young lad that doesn’t concentrate on it. What he does is amazing. But he isn’t the all conquering hurler he is sometimes made out to be. A good county standard full back line will hold him up to a point.


Corkonian Colm Lyon’s interpretation of the rules = a blatant push or tug is a free, beyond that the rules are there are no rules. He chose not to apply the rules equally for both teams…


I wonder what the free count was?


Agreed, his striking isn’t that strong


That’s what we get for slagging off Cork on this site at every hands turn! :slight_smile:




Marty I-like-to-party said on RTE that he felt there was an appetite post-match for the reply to be in Croker next weekend :thinking:


Can’t imagine na piarsigh would want to play in Dublin again. Especially in double header with Dublin county side, also travel up for their supporters.
Birr if set won’t change I’d said


Cold enough today to be in Birrrrrrrr.


Yer talking sense but sometimes lads just wanna play in Croke Park.