Best of luck Cuala


It’s 4.10am here in Australia , relying on the ever present dubmatchtracker to keep me in the loop. A late night gets even later…


Surely, the fitness and strength of a Dublin team should now see off a wrishty Limerick team?


The ref let an awful lot go, as I see it, which helped Na Piarsaigh all over the pitch.


NaP have kept con very quiet, cuala need to get him into the game. Mark Schutte also. Defense and midfield doing fine.


I expect Cuala to drive on now. A goal like that could suck the life out of Na Piarsaigh


The Limerick boys are a lot bigger than cuala. They don’t all look that fit mind you but some big men.


But are they fitter than the juggernaut?


I’d be inclined to agree and NaP missed a handy one to go four up just before that. Hope they finish them off now.


AH Gee


Cuala are a mess at the back.


Na Piarsaigh are huge for a club team.


Some tired legs out there.


Score ?


NaP up by 1

CUL 1-20 NaP 2-18

2nd period of extra time just started.


1 -20 to 2-18 nap


CUL free, all level now.


HE LETS ALL sorts go and then blows one up. Apparently random.


BLatant push in the back in Tracy there.


Hon David Tracy!!!


What happens if its still tied after extra time is over?