Best of luck Cuala


Split Con in two.:joy::joy::joy:


Don’t put ideas into Pat Gilroy’s head!


Fantastic achievement from Cuala.

Two great games, really enjoyable stuff.

The star on the cuala jersey has to be one of the worst things I’ve seen in a long time.


next years jersey will be twice as bad.


What’s yer mans name that sponsors them


The Star must have worked! Well deserved.:clap:




Davy Fitz


No he doesn’t fit. At all!


With Davy on the jersey it’s only a matter of time before Davy Fitz claims the credit!


Davy - (Stockbrokers) Paul Schutte works for them. They had another name on the back of the jersey for the final?


Was it Huwawi? They have a sponsorship there too.
As does each player have their own individual sponsor that no doubt raised a few euro


We used to have Whereawi on the back of ours …


Hahaha - spellcheck, Huawei!


Huawei the Lads!!



Ho Ho Ho.

Just as well ye’re good at the hurling. Irony not yer forte!