Best of luck Cuala


Whose he replacing on the Dublin setup …


Jason Sherlock


A great great win by a magnificent team. Kenny will go but they will take serious stopping in Dublin.


Great achievement, congrats. Hard luck NaP.


Congrats Cuala. What an achievement.


Well done Cuala. Great game. Great achievement.


Great win!! Well done Cuala.


Ridiculous amount of steps for the Na Piarsaigh goal. It was about 10…


Don’t see much congrats for Cuala on twitter but plenty of moaning about the ref. Classless. Unlike Cuala.


There’s was moaning after the first game as well. If you tackle so physically you will concede frees, very often they made no attempt to get the ball, just clattering into the player. A fussier ref would have hammered them.


That’s an unbelievable achievement for Cuala. Well done to you all, back to back at club level is fan-f***in-tastic. Enjoy it lads, drink it in and drink them up! Delighted for you all. Up the Dubs!!!


Back to back baby.


Congrats Mick - superb achievement and performance today.

It was a privilege to be at such a contest. Na Piarsaigh, for all their physicality and slapping, are a serious team and played their part in today’s occasion. Well done and enjoy!!


Mick Holden will be a happy man in the Spiritual Sky tonight!


Some achievement by Cuala, well done @Mickholden2 enjoy the celebrations. Great day for Cuala and Dublin Hurling.
Was out there earlier this morning, young lad playing their u.10’s the place was buzzing.


And the rainbow rapids would have made a fortune this week too. RIP Mick. Hope you’re loving’ these moments from the sky!


I’m guessing it’ll be quieter tomorrow morning …


Brigids rumoured to be covering a hefty bar tab to try catch them on the bounce in the first round


The memories of Rainbow rapids…the only thing worse than the Baltic cold water was the joints between the sections of tubing not being sanded down…:cry:

Modern kids off to Spain with unlimited goes wouldn’t know anything about the cold, the rough edges or the wrist band that had the pull tabs 1-10.


I’d say they’ll all be in coppers so