Best of luck Cuala


Split Cuala in two


Hard to believe that was a club match!! Savage standard that we have no right to expect from two club teams.


Congrats to all involved with Cuala. Fantastic achievement to do back to back All Irelands. Great games as well and I do feel somewhat sorry for Na Piarsaigh, they put in two great performances only to come out on the wrong side.


Do it like the old times , enter Cuala in as the Dublin team in the AI championship :blush:


We are all southsiders today!!


Steady now …, steady.


Speak for yourself. That is one bandwagon I won’t be joining.


Will Con ever forget these last 12 months


Why? What did he do?


What Cuala have done here going back to back should be cheered by all Dubs.
How many AI’s does Con have now? I’ve lost count. To all the Cuala people on here enjoy the celebrations.


Just has to get someone up the duff now to top it all off


I would agree but they asked the NaP manager before the game if their physical tackling style, which had kept con & Schutte quiet in the first game, but had coughed up 12 frees was something they’ve needed to look at. It was a fair question and he said they regard themselves as a strong & physical team, that they had tweaked their game to hopefully lead to less frees. Didn’t see much evidence of the tweaks so much.


He missed out on a NFL game versus Kerry a couple 8f weeks ago… Can you recall the score?


Well done sounded epic, behind in the last seconds of the first game, then extra time and again today, talk about never say die.




Reading back through this thread isn’t good for the heart. Can only imagine seeing the match in real time. Mobdro proved to be an ass today.

Congrats to Cuala & all the Cuala Ressers. Great achievement to do it once never mind back-to-back titles.


Sounds like Kenny is stepping down


Did o’connell go onto Breen in second half? Helped shut him down.


Well done Cuala. Great stuff.


Jeeze my memory isn’t great but I think it was something along the lines of …

KERRY 0-11