Best of luck Cuala


What strength from Con with that run and just what they needed

Should see it out now


60 seconds 2 ptr lead. Dangerous!


Defence has been superb


Yesssss !!!


Ya beauty - champions!!!


Excellent !!!




Unreal achievement to win it once but to go back to back is something you can only dream of.

Congrats Cuala.


Brilliant syuff! Nothing between those teams really. Seán Moran had a huge game. Cian o’callaghan as well.


Bleedin deadly!

Congrats Cuala!


Fantastic. What an epic couple of games. Well done Cuala.


Amazing stuff to win it again, fair play to them.


huge congratulations to all the cuala lads on here! Well, when yiz surface! Especially chukky


Congrats to cuala.


Congratulations to @Mickholden2 and all Cuala ressers and, indeed, to everyone associated with the ckub.


Ah well done Cuala - that is just brilliant :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Congrats to all involved with Cuala. I thought they had blown it but showed real champions steel to get the job done.

Congrats @Mickholden2 and Cualas number one fan @Chuck. Enjoy the celebrations


Great game & great win. Think Cuala deserved it. Super achievement for Cuala and hopefully great boost for Dublin hurling!


There won’t be an almond milked in Dalkey!!


Magnificent stuff. Great to see the respect between the players after too and Cuala interviews as Gaeilge as usual … from us West Brit Dubs … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well done @Mickholden2 and all in Dalkey! Very proud of ye lads … considering ye are Southsiders … :grin: