Bernard Brogan


A little from column A, and a little from column B…


May I refer you to to what the Right Honorable head-the-ball Rochey said :wink:


As daddy pig says, “I’m a bit of an expert at mental cases”…


You do my focking head in sometimes.



Brilliant if true


Think it is good that he sets a target for himself as long as it a realistic one


Maybe he’s just trying to get out of the house …


any word on how bernard is progressing ,will he be back for august


Alan was writing in yesterday’s Indo and said “we are not sure yet if my brother Bernard will make it back in time from a torn cruciate ligament to play a part this summer,”


He could play in A Midsummers Night Dream? Outdoors like, in the bandstand beside the zoo.


Touch of the (Dubs) yerras about that?Good man Alan. Keep it up.