Bernard Brogan


F*ck that.


If like me you feel the need to become a 2 minute acl injury expert. With questions like what time frame are we looking at in a best case and worst case scenario, allowing for all the variables.
Article below gives a fairly good synopsis.


Bollix :cry:


Speedy recovery Bernard


Can they not just financially dope his knee? Right as rain for Galway match.


Very good.


Wish him well and hopefully he has a speedy recovery. I wouldn’t rule him out having a part to play next year (if he wants to keep going)


If he wants to be there I have no doubt that he will be, now whether he will get much game time or not is another thing, Gavin has shown that when it comes to lads that have been around they choose when they want to go, some seem to enjoy staying on regardless of game time, Bastick for example, while I would imagine others would just prefer to opt out.
Whatever Berno decides to do, it will be the right decision because you can’t argue with a man that has done and given what he has for the cause.


Berno will be back if there is a sniff of him been back he will.


Is that a clone, 50% Berno and 50% Fento?


This needs to happen, someone put a wig on Fenton, and we can build a master race.


Thank god for the edit function! Down with predictive text and thick sausage like fingers.


Been told that Bernard will be back for next season’s league campaign and fully intends to return for county along with club. Not sure if Jim would take him back (I know that sounds cruel at this stage) as realistically this could have been Bernard’s last year were it not for the injury. He would most likely have been fulfilling the ‘Alan’ role (ie last 15 mins sub to steady a game)


Jim seems to have no problem with lads that have been there for years choosing when to go, Bastic for example played little or no football in his last year.


The Alan role?

The last point in a victory over Kerry in a final that could be a five in a row?

Oh, yeah!!!


Oh Hell Yeah :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


The idea of BB swinging over the winning point in injury time of the 5-in-a-row AIF against KOTF, is something that warms the c̶o̶c̶k̶l̶e̶s̶ coddles of all true Denizens of the Fort of the Dane.


Bravo, bravo, bravo.

And so say all of us !


That’s a mental target but wish him all the best nonetheless.


Mental as in “That’s bleedin’ mental!” or mental as in that’s what his mind is aiming for?