As beer goes it would be one to sip and enjoy, rather than chug back. 4-5 would be plenty to have in a sitting.

Lovely colour, strong smell of bananas but not too sweet to taste, slight malty after-taste.


Yup …



Nope, I love it too

Wouldn’t drink a lot (bunch?) of it, but it makes a nice change


Why is the bottle not bent?


I like this, by the same people, with a label like that, it will get more bad press here than the banana boat stuff!:


Black Sheep Ale from somewhere in Yorkshire is lovely. I remember having it in Leeds and York about 15 years ago.


I have a favourite beer for every country, it’s a way of somehow breaking down my favourites in a manageable way overall. In the words of a great TV series, This Is England:





Fair play to people who like to vary their tastes . I drink , what everyone hates , Budweiser & i generally hate having to settle for anything else . im trying to broaden my tastes when out though.


Eu regualtions! :slight_smile: I jest, I jest!


Vary our tastes? I just look for something that I like, always a restless “search for the perfect pint” as my mates used to say long ago… As you get older your taste gets fussier.

Moving on, here’s my German/Deutsch entry for the Beerovision Taste Contest:


If you’re ever in Belgium (everyone should have a weekend in Belgium, great place) there is so many beers to mention. Some are top notch. But if you’re drinking all day it’s advisable to stay away from the heavy stuff and stick to Jupiler which is a lovely sup. And weak by their standards at about 6 percent i think


6 percent? Whats the highest? If I was supping 6% all day I’d be manbowed.


What’s the best Belgian beer you’ve had?


I think there’s some more than 10% but they are usually given in smaller portions. First time me and a mate went to Belgium for a lads boozing trip, we got a cheap flight to Eindhoven, and took the train to Antwerp, which involved two changes along the route. We had a small beer at the airport, another small one at the first train change, then another small one at the second, by which stage we were suddenly well merry and missed our last train. So of course by the time we finally got to Antwerp we were absolutely flying but didn’t last very long that night.

The next day we went to the first bar and and discovered Jupiler. Part of the problem is we were always conditioned in Ireland to drink alot as fast as we could since whenever we left school and had any money for going to the pub. It’s hard to get out of that habit as we associate it with great times, freedom etc. (and forget all the terrible hangovers and other nasty SEs)

Lesson 1 - you cannot drink alot of Belgian beers in the way you would drink standard beers, even if they are relatively small portions!


10%? - I’d be gone.


I learnt that the hard way

Was drinking Kwak at 8.4% all day :see_no_evil:


Ooh I love the glass and contraption with that, one of my prize possessions given to me for a big birthday. Like a chemistry lab yoke, you think it’s nearly empty and then it just goes on and on. They knew what they were at those crafty middle-ages monks!


A lot of the pubs in Brussels (or maybe just the ones that cater to tourists mainly) serve a tasting platter as such. Good way to decide which ones you may like, without having to get off your head on just the one. Al is right. Over there, they sit & sip their beer instead of guzzling it. It’s all very civilized. :sunglasses:



Leffe Blonde is beautiful as is the Leffe Ruby. Absolutely beautiful beer. Belgium has a range of fantastic tasting beer. Loved the Julpiler aswel.

Just a side note, I wouldn’t go to Brussels if I was to go. Go to Gent/Ghent. Beautiful and lively city. Fantastic place that caters for a weekend with the lads or a weekend with the missus.