What time will I call?


Well said Roman, the fact is that some of the hoi polloi don’t really appreciate beer. What they’re actually drinking isn’t beer, it’s a sort of bland soft drink with some alcohol in it. Sure what would the blasted Italians know about beer anyway old chap? We might as well be talking about hurling!


Well said Al - in this world of blandness yours is the constant voice of reason


The main problem with beer, as I see it, is it isn’t whiskey.



Coors light?

Ya feckin benny!


I’m stealing that :joy:


Well said Al for saying well said.


You can give them out at your next book launch. Just make sure you reserve them for me I don’t mind be a paid up member of the hotoi poloti brigade.


Now there’s a word I haven’t heard in a very long time!


I used it on here last week myself, in the Abba discussion that got wiped. Are you a benny tied to a tree?


:laughing: Jebus Al, that’s even better!
Definitely haven’t heard that expression since school.
I missed the ABBA discussion. Unfortunately.


Was out for dinner on Friday in malahide and fancied a beer so asked the waitress what she had and she mentioned Peroni so after all the talk here I got one and I agree it’s pish.
Like Italian Bud !!


Don’t like Bud at all but love Peroni - don’t think they’re alike at all.


Tbh I haven’t drank lager/ beer in a long time so they are all a bit of yellow pish to me now


You finding Carlsberg Special Brew hard to source again?


@DUB09 Well I finished of the rest of my peroni tonight, though with all this negative opinions to awards it I nearly doubted myself. But when the last bottle was gone, that soon evaporated. All these negative waves man.



Perroni is just a sweeter version of other mush. I’d say they barely wave a hop-leaf in its general direction.


I know I’ll probably be on my own on this one, but I really like this stuff


interesting… 5.2% is it nice and does it blow the head of ya?