Yeah - a funny looking building too! Wasn’t there another small stoneworks opposite too - beside White Spot? And what was Sweeneys do you remember? It was some kind of furniture place but back in late 70s-early 80s what was it?


God 70s/Early 80s well before my time.


There was a business that sold property in Spain at some stage based there before it was Sweeney’s.


Wasn’t that a small office beside Sweeney’s (on the left as you look at it)?
I can remember the furniture place (bought a doormat there once), but not what it was before that.


Was there a stonemason/ headstone place there bitd?


I though that too! Long long ago


Yep, have vague recollections of being in there as a kid


@Roman … have we a verdict on the Peroni?!


It’s not that long ago I remember that headstone place. I m at Na Fianna training in Vincent’s school this evening, inquiries will be made to Sweeney s or the over 60s brigade.


Sorry lads, Perroni is just another bland product.


I’m told petrol station now … can’t really recall that? But then there were houses there before they built road through to Botanic and can’t remember that well either …


The petrol station was where the Porterhouse is now.
There was a famous unsolved murder there in the 60s.


Was it the death of good beer?


Getting back to Sweeney’s. Asked my old man and he thinks it was Duffys Garage that was there before it became a furniture shop.


An old timer at Na Fianna told me it was a garage. In 1989 I passed it every morning going to work and I think it was a garage alright,


Yes. And I’m really glad I also picked up a box of Hophouse too. I really don’t like Peroni. Had two bottles yesterday and now I’m stuck with the remaining 16!

I found it too light/watery in taste - somewhat like a ■■■■■■■ son of cider and lager. Not my thing at all.


Just tried the 8 Degrees Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner .Very tasty !


What a pity I polished if ten bottles today and enjoyed everyone of them.


Give your butler.


I’d genuinely swap all 16 of mine for…say 4 hophouse bottles! It just isn’t for me. Too light in taste and even colour. I mean, it also LOOKS LIKE cider. But I’m glad I tried it - just wish I hadn’t availed of Tescos special offer for 18! However they’re all in the fridge, as recommended, so I’ll struggle on through them in between the Heino and hophouse or, preferably, palm them off to guests, till they’re gone.