Throw in a few Italian phrases - bellissimo, come sta or prego. Also wave your hands wildly while doing this and throw in a few tears and Mamma Mias. They’ll be gone before 7.30pm. :ok_hand:


I love the Porterhouse stouts. Pity about the c##ts who drink in there though.


Three of them for €9 every now and then in Supervalu. That’s when to stock up!


Local Lidl here were selling 750ml bottles of Leffe Blond and Hoogarden last week. €2.99 each I think.
Hopefully not a once off.
Wouldnt have drank it back in my youth but now I’m more interested in quality over quantity.


Large Leffe for €3?! Has Belgium gone f* bankrupt or something?


I’m out of the loop. what is Dutch Gold to hipsters?


Tipp by name… tip by nature. Ill take a wee look in my own local.


I’ll have what Keaney’s drinking


Still plenty of Leffe here in Lidl Templemore. Hopefully the same where you are JJF.


I, for one, appreciate this link. Just in from Tesco out at Clarehall, where I picked up a box of 18. It better live up to the billing here!


Get it as cold as you can.

Incidentally last weekend one of the lads in our local Tesco drew my attention to a couple of single malt whiskeys that they were flogging off for €20 reduced from €50 - they were discontinuing the line. I had a look last night but didn’t see any - can’t remember the name.


Was it Tony, black hair and glasses.


Picked up a couple of these this evening for the first time. Nice drop would recommend if ye are into your Wheat Beers


Where did you buy them?


Sweeney’s at Harts Corner


Cheers, I’ll keep an eye for them.


Wasn’t an offie in my day!


Probably a hedge school in your day.


Yes - we learned all about hedge funds and vulture … I mean venture capital …

I think it did headstones??


Nah Farrell’s was beside it. That’s gone now and a Montessori built on it instead