The two day hangover was an eye opener.


The end is nigh when you are contemplating the hangover days before you’ve gone out.


Surely an eye closer?


It’s the fear that’ll get you eventually.


Was a heino drinker until I discovered Pabst blue ribbon beer on draught in handball bar at the hill, thanks to @DUB09 ( Denis hopper) and @ProudDub ( the hostess with mostess) for introducing me .


Ah PBR…the beverage of choice, for discerning rednecks everywhere. :beers: :beers: :beers:


It’s the hipster beer in NYC. I assume because it’s cheap?


Corona with a slice of lime. Bland muck dolled up with bitter. Did the sons of Róisín die for this?


Eh no. PBR is to hipsters there, what Dutch Gold is to hipsters here. :wink:


Corona is beautiful. Even nicer on tap in Mexico.


Now this is a very nice beer.


Could you not just have said peroni without the link to Tesco :thinking:


Every little helps.


It’s on special that’s the benefit of the link… does Tesco upset you or something?


Every ‘hyperlink’ helps?


Drink link!

Peroni is lovely when on the verge of freezing and tastes particularly lovely in Rome on a warm sunny day.

Speaking of which … Forza Roma!


No not at all, just didn’t get the thrifty tip included :+1: Thanks


I just posted because its an expensive enough beer, getting a couple fo boxes for a communion on Saturday. They are for myself mind you. The rest can have pisswieser and coors.


A man after my own heart! Got 18 last Friday evening and they didn’t make daylight …

They often do the 660ml bottle for €3 too which isn’t bad.


I think we have the birth of a new thread. The DrinkLink! Yeah the Peroni is top notch. I’ll impress the guests as I am drinking it, bottle in hand, chinos on, Upwardly Mobile. And then my family arrive from blanch and wreck the gaff…