The GAA Season ticket office
Olly Murs
The Script
Dev from Corrie…

I could go on…


Not into craft beers either, only really drink lagers, Pints - Heineken or Carlsberg at a push, Cans - Molsten, Carling, Tuborg Bottles - Miller, like a glass of wine if out for dinner, when full of lager I usually have a vodka or a captain morgans.


Anyone like Stella? I know it’s got a “common” reputation, but I really like it.


Stella is all you’ll get in some places up North


Was over in the Uk recently at a wedding and drank that the night before, was hanging all day at the weddin, hangover way out of proportion to the quantity of booze consumed.


Genocide is pretty bad.

Though the worst has to be grown men cycling while towing those dog baskets on wheels. Seriously, I ask you.


Refreshingly expensive, as the ad says. I like it also.

On hangovers, do any non-smokers here feel that their hangovers aren’t as bad as they were before the indoor smoking ban came into being?


I can picture you down the Prom with your bag of Stella and top off and it’s only about 18 degrees eating crackers and cheese!!


You’ve changed man

No Ronan or Shay Given on that list !!


Taking his chilled cans from a monogrammed ice bucket.


I did say I could go on :grinning:


Local offie has this at the mo. Roll on Summer or Weissbeer season as I like to call it


Ha! Good post. I hate trendyness in all its vomity forms, and never touch beers or wines that have clever, cool, gimmicky labels. My policy is wines with simple labels and corked and no more than about €10 are always good. Will pay a bit more for something for a special occasion. Never buy Chilean or Australian or Sarf African coz too many cheaper rubbish ones, whereas cheaper Spanish, and Italian generally excellent. French is hit and miss and so many different ones to learn.

With beer, if it has a green, blue or gold label it’s usually good, red or white not so good. How’s that for a theory!


Just glanced over a few of the posts so it could have already being mentioned but Staropramen is quality. Its a Czech beer. Really nice. My other favourites include Peroni, Moretti, Corona, Brahma, Estrella


I’ll see that and raise you grown men riding round on a f**kin’ tricycle with a box of children on the front holding up a million cars and buses because they’re too weak from their vegan diet to push the poxy thing uphill faster than 2km/h.


Jesus Harper, im ten years from 30, but woke up with one rotten hangover this morning… you’re telling me they get worse???


Nobody knows, once you hit 30 you won’t be allowed out on Wednesday nights any more…


Ten years from 30? This is for you


Or any night without that 1000 yard stare…


Well you get a bit immune to it with practice. For example, I had 8 cans last night and am fine today. I’m talking about those real sessions, when you are on it all day, like a wedding where you drink for 2 days solid, or an all Ireland final win in 2011 when you get around 4 hours sleep between the 20 hour sessions 4 days in a row.

Before I was 30, they were easy peasy, but I was a bit ropey after the 2011 celebrations