I hear the Midlands Brewed Rodriguez Stooped Header didn’t go down too well …


Dungarvan Brewing Company and O’Hara’s from Carlow make good beers. Dungarvan’s Helvik Gold is a blond ale that might suit the taste of Lager drinkers and their stout is very good. O’Hara’s stout is very good too imo. Franciscan Well’s rebel red also a lovely drink. As for foreign beers, Staropromen, Peroni and a cold 660ml bottle of Heineken all good.

There is a huge marketing push behind craft* beers and beer snobs can be as boring and full of sh*t as wine snobs but I’d rather give my money to a local producer making a good product than diageo/budweiser/etc.

. *Some beers marketed as ‘craft’ are actually made by the big brewerys.


Double Diamond works wonders.


Anyone ever been to the Open Gate Brewery in Guinness?

If you haven’t been it’s worthwhile and some of the beers and stouts are lovely


Pilsner Urquell is a cracking beer (especially when consumed in Prague… on a sunny afternoon…sitting in a square people watching…sorry got carried away there…:sunglasses::beer:)


I’m partial to the occasional bottle of Asahi Super Dry, which you can usually pick up in Tescos. The wife is Japanese, so have tried quite a few of their beers over there, but not so easy to pick up here (unless you’re eating out in Japanese/Asian restaurants here). Mind you, I did see bottles of Sapporo in either Lidl or Aldi before Christmas.


AC/DC beer. Had it last week just to see what it was like and it was surprisingly nice!


My, how times have changed! When I was in my late teens and twenties all you could get in most places were the two main home brews, Harp in some places, Heinouseken, Crawlsberg, Budweaseler, and fake German beer. I liked Smiths but in alot of the newer/suburban pubs it was swill. Guinness was too heavy and bitter for me, and again, not great in many pubs. I used to despair of getting anything I really liked and my mates joked about my “search for the perfect pint”.
Then I went to Deutschland and discovered that something like lager could actually have flavour, good flavour, and not leave me feeling very ill the next day. That was pils, real pils. Then I went to England again, old enough to drink, and discovered Ale, “real ale”, a bit too warm til I got used to it but ultimately the quality ones were better than good Smiths.
Then back to Dland to live and I discovered local brews, and microbrews, better again than the big brewery pilseners. And all better than the bland shite in the pubs back home.

Then came the craft revolution. Now just to get it straight, lest I be accused of hipster fondling, I’m not really a fan of pale ales, too bitter, though there are quite a few blended varieties now that are easier to palate. Otherwise alot of them while tasting quite good made me feel nauseous.
And also now you can get loads of international beers by the bottle. I can’t drink the cloudy ones (Weissbier), they make me headachy and sick.

What all the broadened options have achieved overall has been to first of all improve the quality of all beers overall because of the competition. And secondly crested loads of jobs. I think it’s been a universally brilliant change.


That post has given me a fierce thirst!


palenbacher yer only man.


There are two things that matter in a beer:

  1. That its cheap as f***
  2. The alcohol content is enough to erase my memory of the night.

Taste is way down the list.


Wait until you hit 30 and you start to get hangovers, taste becomes inmportant, as it tends to go with the hangover. You wont be slamming bottles of bucky in your 30s… Unless you are Joxer, in which case you are mental anyway


So what beer do u like??


A little bit of A
A little bit of B

Are ya still working abroad?


No, back home a few months now, didn’t last long :joy:


Not to worry! At least ya gave it a lash… I lived over in Jersey island for 6 months back in the day. Brilliant craic.


The cost/ benefit of a session comes into play big time.


That’s all fair enough, and whenever I travel I would always look to have the local beer first. I think most of the posts above seem to support this as common, good practice. You will find some absolute beauts doing this.

The problem most people have, i think, is with the niche craft beer stuff that some bearded clown in the offo will be flogging from a promotion stand that is the equivalent of downing a bag of sawdust sprinkled with the off cuts of Christmas trees, essence of toad and fairy dust. Its cr@p…
Then, just as you approach the stand for the free sampler (who can resist), some gooon will mince up in a jumper made of hemp and start a conversation with said vendor about the merits of Moose Knuckle Winter Stout. You somehow become an accomplice to this charade, despite the fact that you were only there to take the edge off from the night before, they look at you and you somehow feel obligated to venture an opinion…it is at this very moment that a mate you haven’t seen for a while mosey’s by on his way to pick out a standard 8 pack of generic beer A (or H)…oh the indignity as he thinks “jaysus DMC, you’re not one of them are you?”… you nod in shame and carry on about your day, knowing that should this ever come up you will undoubtedly have to come up with the mother of all stories to talk your way around this.


After all the tips, I can’t help but returning to these wise words…

But, in that there’s nothing better than a nice pint of Guinness, I would also put forth the caveat that there’s not much worse than a bad pint of Guinness.


Guinness & black currant anyone or is that sacrilege.