Mean it in a if I was you visiting. Have been to Brussles, Ghent and Antwerp. Ghent and Antwerp are university cities and more lively but also have some lovely architecture. Great country


10 percent is average for the Belgians :joy::joy:

Think they go up to 39 percent. That’s the strongest i tasted and when I say tasted I mean tasted. One sup. It’s an experience anyway


I really must try and get over there. Sounds brilliant.


It’s a great spot. Highly recommend it. Train service is great too. You can get to so many different cities in an hour from Brussels airport. Train station under the airport. Great setup.


What’s a good bar in the city centre to watch a football match and have a bite to eat?


And I don’t mean a packet of bacon fries.


True . I’ve no desire really to find the perfect pint . Im happy with the piss im drinking :joy:


TP Smiths in Jervis St is decent for both


Jaysus I’m hanging for a gargle now


Definitely beer garden weather - might have a beer later after my match