Ballymun and Glasnevin - A walk down memory lane


Or maybe they just don’t want to admit it, have ya considered that?

Let’s face it, Glasnevin proper is boring AF with yer fancy cemeteries and Botanical Gardens and la dee bleedin’ da Alexander Strain houses. 1st floor returns…I mean seriously, wtf are they when they’re at home and why do we even need them? Can you not just build a jacks in your back garden, like everyone else?

Ballymun is just far hipper and cooler. And chislers have a small army of rock stars & Dubs stars to look up to. Bono, Christy, Philly, the Rocks (Jr & Snr) Jamesy, the Smalls…the list goes on.

Who do NaF have? Jonny Cooper, Dermot ‘Drumcondra’ Bannon & Geezer. Great for organizing protest rallies, media boycotts & building spare bathrooms for Wee Daniel, but not much else besides.

There now. Put that in your pipe and take it down to your plush, temperature & humidity controlled smoking room and ehh…smoke it.


Ha Beeko, imagine the old name of a street as it was being changed just because some snobs had no sense of community? You’d never see that in Edenmo-ore wha! :grinning:


Was never in involved in either name change debate, thankfully.
I wonder why, however, the football fields are still referred to as Edenmore Road. Hated playing up there.


Do tell (Eden) more…


So… what is Glasnevin and what is not?


A shit hole


The D4 of the northside


2 conflicting answers there :joy:


The truth is somewhere in between.




Stop bringing Tyrone into it at every opportunity


I imagine Dublin City Council or the OSI don’t know the answer to this


ha! we knew where you were going, even if you didnt.

BTW I always belived that the residents of Glasnein Avenue had the name changed by a plebiscite, not just the action of some pen pusher in Wood Quay?


Glasnevin Says No To Being In Ballymun?

Good slogan in fairness.



The Hillcrest folk were the worst for the la-de-dahs. Yer from Finglas, get over it.


Glasnevin residents also tried to get the name of the Ballymun Road changed to The Place We Shall Not Speak Of Road


Hillcrest, just up from St Kevin’s school? Is that not Ballygall?


Not according to all the retired cops who live there.


Grew up in the crescent, small world huh
I do remember the the distinction, Beneavin boys went to the prep, which was posher
Long time ago now but seem to remember Ballymun Avenue changing overnight to Glasnevin Avenue, and my mum laughing when she told me why