Ballymun and Glasnevin - A walk down memory lane


Not to us in the flats - anything across poppintree Park was glasnevin and they could all ■■■■ off.


According to the whole of Dublin 11 is Glasnevin. Go onto google maps and its broken up between Finglas and Glasnevin


And the reason for the “regeneration” is revealed.


At least we all agree that Poppintree can go and Shyte. That’s something.


Didn’t there used to be Corpo tennis courts somewhere between where Cedarwood ended & the Ballymun Badlands began? (In dare I say it, Popintree?) They were like Busaras Bombay during Wimbledon fortnight, but deserted the rest of the year.


Good bit of snobbery between Glasnevin D9 folk Vs Glasnevin D11.
Many D9ers would consider most/all of Glasnevin D11 as Glasnevin North. Some consider anyone saying they live in Glasnevin North as really living in Finglas.
All depends on the class of snob yer talking to I suppose.


More importantly, what should determine with club in said area you should play with?
Lots of crossover between Na Fianna, BK, Vinnies, Whitehall, etc.
I think it used to be based along the schools/parish system but with that structure dying off a bit, do/should parents just choose the club they prefer?


We moved into the tolka estate in 05 and when the young fella was old enough to join we went to na Fianna cause his friend was joining. No other reason really. Living in pinewood now and kids in the area are split in na Fianna and BK camps . Next door neighbor is na Fianna camogie sec but her father was BK chairman many moons ago.


I grew up in Willow Park, and I never referred to it as Glasnevin north. Was always Ballymun to me. My ma and da used to call it Ballymun too. A pen stroke shitebag in Dublin Corpo who added £250 to the cost of houses in the area at the time. I hung around with fellas from across Poppintree and the flats and from around Willow Park, Pinewood, and Clancy in Finglas east. I never differentiated between them, nor they me, but a few of the kids team I ran called me a “posho” because I was across the park. I also never started to call the Park, Avenue or drive “glasnevin”… That for me was just pure snobbery!

What’s in a name?




Did nt know him , passed away last year , Belfast man originally if that’s who you are thinking of. Lived just off the roundabout on willow park rd.


PM on the way.


I’ve said on this site before that there are some amount of people in the Finglas East area who have a high and mighty opinion of themselves and refer to themselves as being from Glasnevin North. I don’t get what the appeal of it is to be honest


Very true. And I would hope that folk here can see the discussions here for what they are…light hearted trips down the memory lanes of D9/11, that aim to poke fun at insitutionalized snobbery, not promote it.

(Well, except for Poppintree obviously. Thar be dragons ! :dragon_face: :dragon_face: :dragon_face: )


I’m from Glasnevin - off Botanic Road. Amazingly not a single post thus far from anyone truly in Glasnevin - just wannabes and border extenders …


Ex poppo resident :japanese_ogre:

We hate all of yous.




Yep. Made the big jump from balcurris road to cairn court.


I hated the courts, easy to get lost in, especially when you’re running for your life


If you were to canvass anyone living in Willow Park Cresent they certainly wouldn’t say its Ballymun , and ya can take that to the bank !