Aussie Rules


Yet you spent a summer belittling the football championship.


Mostly because the skills of the game are being strangled instead of developed. There are plenty of skills in Gaelic Football. But you don’t see them much any more.


Aussie Rules is a bit like Rugby in that it’s actually a better game to watch on TV than actually live in the stadium.


Alan did you actually watch the Champo this year, I am not going to compare the sports but to say overhead fielding is virtually gone is rubbish, there was some class fielding this year.


Ah hould on there a minute, I’m no fan of Aussie Rules but I enjoyed the final. You’re embellishing your point a bit there with the goal-size thing. They are not aiming at 20 yards, they are aiming at about seven yards, the central goal. Because it’s six points for a goal, and only one for going through the outer posts, clearly there is little reward for the ‘side’.

Now let’s make a comparison, with soccer or Gaelic, I think most people would be agreed that it’s harder to kick an oval ball as straight as a round ball. It tends to wobble in the air very easily when coming off the boot. Also, the kicker can’t ever be just one player who is trained specially and designated to kick the frees and marked balls, it just has to be whoever has the ball at that moment. Hence some of the people who end up with free shots at goal wouldn’t be specialist kickers. That said, some of the misses by the Perth team near the end were brutal!! But the Melbourne team were very accurate in terms of chances for goals taken.

It’s probably true that the huge physical size and emphasis on body strength and physicality in the game mitigates against an overall higher standard of kicking, however two of the guys who kicked best in that final were giants.


It’s now a better skill in some ways, as it is part of an all-round total football game rather than just a few lads in the same spot in the filed jumping all day for balls lashed out the same way by the keeper, not to mention the bunching up and balking and then crowding out of the main high fielders that was occurring all the time because everyone knew where the ball was going.

Similarly over the years the long ball into the forwards by the better teams has become a much more skilled art, with angled ball and varied distances, and players needing to be in the right place at the right time, and still to win the ball under tight marking over their head. INstead of just ball lashed randomly from the middle into the forwards as it much more often was in the past.