Aussie Rules


Not to my taste . I see plenty of good underage football too with the emphasis on kicking the ball . Nothing much wrong with our code when played to its potential it’s much more enjoyable than Aussie rules . The current trend towards possession will pass like all tactical fads. The Aussies however will still be chasing an oval ball like its its their dinner they re trying to catch.


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5.30 a.m. Saturday morning. It’s on BT. I’ve been watching it for years. Seriously cleaned up their act. Massive crowds. A game where being able to actually kick a ball and win a ball is rewarded. Heresy it might be but I’d rather watch a good Aussie Rules game than most inter county football games these days.
As an aside re cleaning up their act the locals I spoke it about the game ( this was 1997) did say the violence had got out of hand in the 80s. But the corporate takeover of the game was in full swing then. Melbourne teams who are the heart and soul of the game were franchised out to Sydney and Brisbane where the locals had no real interest but the games became events to attend rather like Leinster rugby here. I read this week that the head of the network who show it in oz wants changes to the rules so more advertising space can be squeezed in.


Ape’s game. Suits their butch macho image. They are welcome to it.


I saw more in this final than I had seen before, but then it was a dramatic contest with a close finish. And I was lashing the beers in. I don’t like the oval ball aspect, I think it makes for far too much random scrappiness, most of which doesn’t add to the game. I liked the physicality, very few easy balls to win. I prefer Gaelic football as it has much more variety and skill.


Just depressing to read such rubbish.


Spurred on by your response I watched the Grand Final and watching it only reinforced my opinion.


I refer you to my previous comment.


So, you’re depressed to read such rubbish. It’s fairly depressing to watch a game that that involves little or no skill. Hoofing big 50-50 balls sky high. “Taking out” defenseless opponents. Scoring a point for missing a goal that’s more than 20 yards wide. Talk about mediocre. Aussie Rules has it in spades.
You are welcome to it.


There’s plenty of skill in Aussie Rules. Your hyperbole suggests you have no interest in actually discussing that so I’ll leave you to it.


goals 20 yards wide? Are you talking about the same game?


From alans previous posts - he seems to yern for the olden days of kick the ball long run and contest it.
I like his quote

Issue being is that they cant really kick the ball when the posts 3 times as wide and don’t have a goal keeper to contend with so can drop it short and let it carry.

Winning the ball seems to entail lodging your knees into the back of your opponent as well.


There are 4 big uprights. What is the distance between the outer uprights?


You said scoring a goal. Which indicates between the two inner posts


I never mentioned the word ‘goal’. There is no goal. Just four big uprights.


‘Scoring a point for missing a goal more than twenty yards wide’

You didn’t mention a goal?

Just leave it. Your point is made. Nonsensical and all as it is.


I’m with you in this @daddyo - Aussie machismo crap. You know you’ve hit a sore point when they start abusing you.
Btw The posts are each 6.4m apart - so almost 20m to shoot into. You’d need to be very accurate alright … :roll_eyes:


The flour bags would do well so. Their wide rate is pretty high. Suffice to say their is little skill involved in scoring. Junior D’s would 'score ’ all day. Catch, kick and burst your opponent. Jesus wept.


As Al said you mentioned a goal. You don’t enjoy the sport. Doesn’t mean that it’s nkt a great spectacle and some incredible skill in it


All ball games are games of skill. Just ignorance to suggest otherwise. Focusing in on the behind posts is the cheapest form of criticism. Unlike our own game you won’t go far in Aussie football if you can’t kick accurately. Overhead catching is basically gone from our game, a tremendous skill. They place a premium on it. And goals must be kicked. Not flicked or punched. The tackle is another skill.

The fact that the Rules committee today is announcing a trial of new rules, some of which come from or are inspired by the Aussie game tells you something. Seven of the eleven knock out games in this year’s competition had crowds of more than 90,000 while our game is hemorrhaging spectators. Sometimes the majority is right. :wink:


Wow … a country with 25m people have bigger crowds …

You can swing a guy around and throw him to the ground … awesome tackle.