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I presume theres lads on here who are going through the process of Pre Season atm.

My question for the floor is.

If you know theres a heavy night of sprints and general running involved, how do yous plan your day food wise.

I find I can’t anything when I get home from work circa 6/6.15 with training at 7.30.

That also leaves me v hungry and not feeling ready to go before we start moving.

What do other fellas do this time of year?




If its a really heavy session Id eat a packet of biscuits right just before I exit the car. After about 3 laps and a 2 sprints im getting sick and can head back to the showers with a “bug”. You get credit for been there and miss out on the pain.


I’d usually try and delay my lunch til after 3 on the days of heavy training by having a couple of boiled eggs and toast at about 11/1130. If I can’t manage that, I’ll have the eggs when I get home at about 6, usually keeps me going for the first 10 minutes anyway.

We’re training every second day at the moment and I’m not sure what to be doing on the day in between, would lads suggest a rest day/light stretching/bit of strength work?


Id do a gym session twice a week on the non cardio days. Foam rolling, basic core and stretching should be a daily event. Can be done watching tv for 30 mins also just needs to be a habit.


Does that work? Do you have a decent injury record?


Bar a broken ankle never really had an issue and am nearing the end of playing days


Your name suggests differently …


that refers current ability more than actual status :slight_smile:


Anyone been to Hong Kong? Have 14 hours to kill, any suggestions?


Was there last Summer for a few days.

With your limited time go up to ‘Victoria Peak’ as it has some savage views but even just get the train into the city and just walk around city as it’s unreal with all the high rise buildings and some savage places to eat in but it’s expensive. This pic was taken up at Victoria peak


Not one mention of massage parlors… You’re such a disappointment to me Parish!


Unless Victoria Peak is a masseuse :wink:


If not too many bags you could even head out to Big Buddha, good place for a ramble. City great also, reasonable eateries to be found


Strangulation then burn your clothing.

Sorry, I read that as 14 hoors… carry on, nothing to see here…