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It’s just sound business practice . They’d be foolish not to include that stipulatation. If you want to avoid it , just pay for the course yourself .


Standard practice


Same in my job only fair to be honest. Though if another job came along offering ya mental money ya can hit them up to pay of the college fees! :+1:


Cheers lads


Fairly standard. I worked in Revenue Commissioners for years and did the Institute of Taxation exams, 3 yrs. They paid for the course once I passed exams etc. Had to stay on for 3yrs after.


Yeh this is only a 8 week course but I suppose it doesnt make any difference


If, after successfully completing the course, a better job elsewhere is possibly on offer, maybe a prospective new employer will pay the fees.
That said, it miggt portray a level of disloyalty to which a new employer might shy away from.


Most places it’s 3 years but a new employer usually takes up the cost if you leave.



Attic Stairs - whats the best value for money out there.

Yes i know they are relatively easy to fit , however for realtive ease in my life - i’m not gonna fit it.

i was looking at getting a Stira - i would be “bigger than your average intercounty footballer” so want something sturdy and well built , so thats gona rule out the cheaper versions you can pickup in the builders providers.

Stira is about 480 and while doing a bit of googling i came across the - and they seem to have a good reputation for service and the better quality attic stair - and they are about 150 cheaper.

anyone any toughts ?


How much use will it get Bosco, being of similar build I’d be interested in other people’s opinions as we’re also thinking about one, but it will get used maybe 4/5 times a year!


have a decent sized attic, so have a bit of it floored and insulated. i got a cheap enough one and fitted it in the house in galway back in the day

pain in the hole dragging a ladder in and upstairs each time now

would use it more often id say with a myhouse now.


The stira is great I had one for 10 years until i got the attic converted, now the neighbours have it and it’s still like new. Expensive though.


That was just to get at the top shelf of the fridge…


It was handy when getting up on your Bird too. :baby:


That poor budgie hasn’t been the same since.


I got an aluminum ladder a few years ago from b&q for €199. Maybe have a look there. Very easy to fit and it’s the business. Works on a spring.



Had one like that Marv in the house in Galway , wasnt a fan of having to lock it into place each time - also i had the time to fit it myself and replace the architrave around the lip.

just wondering if the stira is the best value for money


Leasing or buying a car, not sure what the conditions are like in Ireland, but here in general if you lease you only really have to pay for fuel, insurance, and maintenance are included, but one of the things that puts me off is that you have to give them an estimated amount of KMs per year… Any opinions?


Watch out for hidden costs when leasing I suppose. Other than that probably swings and roundabouts.