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Its not the engineers code so if its denying access.

Might be written on the pcb in the main alarm panel.

Other than that im out of ideas to help.

Unless you disconnect battery and power from mains for a while.

Power the panel back up from the mains and it might clear messages. Connect the battery back up after a few mins


Cheers B - might try that


@Bosco - is there a way to access the panel? I think I have the code but is there a process eg * or #


not sure - the panel i refer to is where you changed the fuses - the crowd installing the alarm could have changed the engineers code - the house i had in galway they changed it so any issues you’d have to go back to them.

that link i sent on seems to be useful compared to other ones i searched for - have a gander in there or post in there if the thread is still active.


Cheers again @Bosco - will do. I contacted the guy when the battery went as I needed engineer access then too - so I have a number written down which I reckon is it but can’t get the ‘prompt’ on the panel. Begins with 0 but any prompt for number is not recognising that 0 so I reckon I need a few instructions to get to the point where I put in code


have you tried your normal alarm code ?


Was thinking that as I typed but yeah … won’t allow a basic set at all


Ah ffs @Bosco I can now get to the service menu. It’s telling me all the tampers etc. when I log out it’s gone back to Int:Ext Bell fault. Reckon I just need to clear them?? Any idea of poss codes? Nothing in 2 manuals I have.


Any work done on the outside that could have diaturbed the external bell ?

Next step is up the ladder


Nothing near it!!! I still think I could clear on the panel if I had the codes and knew what I was doing!!!


Call an engineer you tight wad.


Why? Are engineers are notoriously cheap? :wink:


i’m cheap !

@DUB09 - chap i went to college with has his own business in the alarm game , so let me know if you want his detaisl


Cheers @Bosco. I just got the number of a guy who fitted my first alarm so will give him a shout later. I won’t stay on the phone long cos its about 15c a minute.


Any Ressers working for German based Company? Possibility of new job, just need bit of advice. Cheers Liam


Lads asked/wanted to go on training course with work. Its a fair few bob to do course, boss wants me to sign agreement saying I’ll pay back full amount If I go to leave in the year after…fair enough but then its 75% year 2…50 % year 3…etc. Anyone ever come across this or opinions on it. Cheers.


Seems fair enough, just covering their holes . I’ve seen it happen in a previous job. Multi national I presume ?


Far from it. 1 of 3/4 big companies in the industry nationally.
Just to say the 1st year fair enough…the years after I’m not sure about


So they basically want to tie you to the job for say the 4 years after a degree ? If you leave any time during that period after you finish the course they hit you up for fees .
That’s messed up but can see the reasoning behind it too , they’re investing in you, they have to recoup some of the fees if your out the gap after finishing the course .


Pretty standard practice, idea is that a company don’t want to invest in improving an employees skills, only for the employee to leave and use the new skills for a competitor.