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Whats the make and model of the alarm.


This any good to you?


That’s alarming.


Helps a bit i suppose - if you get the chance open up the panel and tale a picture of it.

check this out in the meantime


Screw at bottom of panel … knowing my luck I’ll open it up and won’t be able to close it …



This is it @Bosco


@Bosco - this is the box that hosts the main battery which I changed last year


Would the ext bell not be the one on front of the house, possibly the fuse on that


No - I see now it’s F3 and F4 on the above picture - top 2 in row of 4. Presume if I get them I can knock off mains and put them in?


Yeah you have it below - yeah knock the power off and replace.

Check fuses for their rating and if they are slow blow etc.


Cheers @Bosco - all slow blow 20x5mm.


All boxed off now?


@Bosco - Got fuses but he only had 500mA - not 800mA but said they’d be ok. Have put them in but control panel is asking for code all the time. I reckon it all needs re-settting - any idea how??


What’s your address? Will you be out at any stage ? Just in case we call in and you are nt there.


1500 Pennsylvania Avenue


The US Treasury Department? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Figures !


Fuses should be ok they’ll blow sooner and wont damage anything.

Prob looking for the engineering code try 04567


Have engineer code (I think) but still getting ‘access denied’. All three lights on side panel are on now and just time and date on the display.


Cap’n, I cannae hold it, she’s gonna bloooooowwwwwww!



Ah I see your problem, the Flux Capacitor is running low, we need more Plutonium Doc.