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Last serviced in 2009!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:

or was that the obvious!!


Apparently it’s an Ideal mini 234.
This is far from fucking ideal!
I’m not sure if that sticker for the boiler service is correct as we’ve had a bit of bother with it before .Maybe they just fixed whatever was wrong with it . There’s a hole in the main panel where I assume your supposed to see a pilot light ??


I think @Nappertandy knows a bit about gas boilers, though haven’t seen him around these parts in a while…


Can you hear it trying to light? Clicking noise, possible electrode is gone, if its lighting and cutting out maybe a thermocouple. But im not a plumber either!


There is no light at all in what I assume is the hole to view the pilot light . The power light is flashing intermittently. There’s one reset button from what I can make out but it’s not doing anything


That hole in to the pilot light looks like a Gloryhole, did you google ‘Gloryhole’?


When did you last get it serviced?


His gloryhole?


Is there a reset button on the side? If not you should power it off and on again. Common fault is fan failure but if you’re not confident in tool usage, you should avoid the simple fix and get a plumber. Most likely they’ll tell you to get a new boiler. Most only have a life of 10 years anyway!


PCB board had failed in it . He had spare used one in the van & installed it. Only charged me €60 for the board & €70 for the labour . Told me a new board would have been €300 + . So he heads out the door . I had no cash on me so he said he drop me in the village as I was going for a walk any way & I’d take the cash out for him . Grab me jacket & notice the pilot light had gone again in the space of minutes .
Happened to say it to him is that normal . He goes when it reaches the proper temp it turns off but he came back in & had a look anyway . He’s having a sconce , reckons the boiler is gone completely. Then he looks at the board he replaced & noticed he dropped one of the screws off the panel & it had lodged into the board & blown it :joy:.
So he ends up having to use another new board but he can only charge me what he was originally going to charge me !
Fair play to him , it was his own mistake and owned up to it .
All good now !


Got out of that cheap enough. Most of the pcb failures are blown capacitors or something, a very cheap repair, a 50c component or something like that. He’ll just repair it!


He left both of them behind , they were knackered


I know of a lad who takes discarded PCB’s for the likes of your boiler, repairs them for a couple of euros (parts) in a few minutes and sells them on eBay for 1/200 euro a go. Makes a killing doing it. Repairs PCB’s in the evening at home, does a few every evening and makes more doing that then he does from his real job! Modern boiler PCB’s can be up to 6/700 new, so people are delighted to pay him for them!


We have a fairly standard home alarm. Currently the red light is showing on the panel box and there is some message about a fuse. I changed the battery in it last year - anyone know if there is a fuse in these and if so. where? Thanks


is there a fuse on the power supply to the panel box ?

If not depending on the age , there might be fuses on the the PCB - itself

Remember - your exposing yourself to 220 V - so be careful at the panel.



Cheers @Bosco - not sure - I’ll have a closer look later. The missus tells me to make sure to dip my hands in a big bowl of water to keep them clean before I start. She really looks out for me.


Good god man! Don’t make any sudden movements, and whatever you do, keep yer bloody thump pressed down on that dead man’s switch!!!


@Bosco Fuse for alarm on LCB is fine. Orange fault light is on on panel and alternating between Int. Bell Fuse and Ext. Bell Fuse as below. So is there another fuse other than LCB?


Did you check the 3 phase conjactulater? Look at the giggling pin in the laughing shaft first.


Ah lads - where’s this fecking fuse?!