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As the S.W.A.T. Team come around the corner :joy::joy:


Or the Res Dubs revenge movement!


Story lads. I’m currently doing an enterprise and innovation module in college at moment. Looking at a football boot product aimed a target market of children. Bit of a difficult demographic to research when you’re in college!

If any of you have any Ressers Jrs running around and have ever bought them a pair of boots, I’d appreciate if you could fill out this quick survey! Thanks men.


Done, good luck


Done :+1: g’luck.


Done, best of luck




Much obliged!






Done, best of luck with it




Any update on this? … Suspense is killing me!


Done…good luck




Done and dusted. Good luck with it.


Done also.




Lads , heating gone in the house . It’s turning on but not a spark out of it . Pressure & temp is fine .
Suspect pilot light is gone out .
Boiler over 10 years old , any suggestions , apart from the bleedin obvious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Make and type of boiler. Google it and report what you see. I have some service handbooks left by a plumber in my gaf. I could probably help! BTW, I’m no plumber!