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Any plumbers on here? Need a small job done. PM me if anyone cane help me out.


@Rochey any idea on the cost of getting timing belt done on a 06 focus? Cheers


Petrol/Diesel? Engine size and mileage? If you go to they’ll give you a price that is not a rip off (generally speaking). DM me the price you get and I’ll investigate for you.


Folks, apart from Done Deal, anybody know any other sites for selling things?

Bike was robbed from outside house this evening, just wanted to keep an eye to see if it’s been put up for sale. Cheers Liam


Sorry to hear that.

Try Adverts as well.


Pop up a pic or description here and we can keep an eye out Liam. It’s a bugger when that happens!


Adverts and gumtree and don’t forget the Facebook market place as well


bicycle or motorbike?

Bicycle - Stolen bike Dublin



Cheers lads, appreciate the help.

Don’t have any pictures. Bike is Adult Muddy Fox, Red & White.

Was stolen from house in Woodlawn, off Oscar Traynor Rd.


Can you get an online image maybe? Post? I have a good few mates in bike clubs can ask them to keep an eye out.


Cheers @JJF. Here’s a image of the model from Muddy Fox site. It’s all red with white markings so exact opposite of this.


will do chief.


That’s a hoor Liam, hope you get lucky with the hunt. I’ve had 15 bikes stolen in my life, all but one of them were locked to something, it’s a massive racket. The last one had the lock actually picked by the cnut. I had at least two taken on busy streets in broad daylight, locks cut.


Well what do you know…


Is it the same as yours?


That yours?


“I would LOVE IT!!..” I’d buy tickets to be there to see the seller get the ‘gulp’ and shitty pants moment


That ad looks like its from 11 months ago…?

The seller does seem to “come across” a lot of used gardening stuff…must find himself in a lot of sheds :policeman:t4::male_detective:t4:


I noticed that and I had a look at previous comments etc. But, this add wasn’t there during the week, I was on everyday checking. All I can really do is have a look at the bike, mine has distinctive marks. Plus, it’s easy to replace pictures on a previous post on Adverts.


That would be some laugh if it was yours