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Ok thanks. Will check them out. Hopefully the Aldi’s near me still have cycling stuff and they haven’t cleared it all out to make way for all that disgusting marzipan Christmas shyte from Germany.


If they don’t you can get them on ebay fairly easily too


Down to about 3 packets a week now , and probably would be 2 except for smoking a bit more with the gargle at the weekend . Vap has been a success.Really finding it helpful during the day to the extent i prefer to vap than light up a cigarette . Im getting about 5 days out of a 10 ml bottle , absolutely brilliant . And the wife tipped me off about the local pound shop selling them for as little as €1.50 . Haven’t needed to replace any parts either yet . Its saving me the guts of €90 a month .


Good to hear you are still using it and seeing the benefits. Give it time and you may be totally smoke free.


Are you just using the vap now ?


I went straight onto the Vape when I gave up the smokes in May '16. Havent had a smoke since.
Had 2-3 moments in the first 3 months where I wanted a smoke & 1 brief moment a few weeks ago where I wanted 1 but have steered clear of them.


Excellent , fair play :+1:


I keep telling myself Im only halfway there as any smokers out there who have totally kicked nicotine deserve huge credit.
I loved smoking but you get to a point where you simply have to give them up.
Seeing people coughing their guts up and looking awful keeps me determined to never have another one.


Exactly why I quit. 10 years later and I still miss the buggers every day. Stick of death!


Lost the smokers cough a long time ago .
I genuinely can’t get over how good the vap is . I thought I’d struggle big time because I was so used to the feel of a cigarette in my hand . But that has completely disappeared , probably though perseverance. And what has happened , which I hoped would , is that I’m liking the flavour of the vap now over the cigarette.
I’m probably just replacing one thing with another but my bank balance is happier for it .


Can anyone recommend a good place to rent a tux?
Please and thank you :slight_smile:


I used these guys before


I’d give you mine but it’d be far too tight on you.

ps All Stars was last Friday




Hey Joe what do ya know.

Howdy lads, looking to apply for a housing adaption grant on behalf of the mother. Anyone recommend any builders who specialise in wheelchair accessible extensions? Particularly anyone that have dealt with the process before with Fingal County Council.

Appreciate anyone advice.

cheers Folks (that’s still ok to say ‘Folks’? not threading on anyones PC toes or anything like that?, I could say ‘Humans’ but i don’t want to offend anyone)


When you go for that grant you have to pick a builder off a list they provide through the CC. I know someone who deals with it but don’t think he covers Fingal. But if u need advice I will ask. Actually I know someone who has got a job done in Fingal recently so will ask them to recco a builder.


Ten four al… FingalCoCo don’t recommend builders. I emailed one builder and he gave me a ball park of a ridiculous figure, obviously not interested in the gig and jacked up the price. I’d prefer to be dealing with guys that have a done a couple of accessible builds. cheers dude.


They don’t (can’t) recco but last time I heard you have to pick off their list. Which is not guaranteed full of reliable builders. Anyway I’ll ask the person got the job done recently, she’s been at that sort of thing for years. I’ll ask the other guy as well, he knows alot of builders.


Brilliant, recommendations are always the best. I am at the early stages but have the OT report which makes the recommendation, Architectural drawing and a GP letter.

Once I get talking to a few builders and get quotes in I should be able to get the application in before Christmas. fingers crossed.


Yeh it’s a slow and laborious process but worth taking time to get all ducks in a row and reliable ducks before going ahead. The brother is an OT in the community in West Dublin, North Kildare, Wicklow, not sure if Meath, he’s at it the last 25 years, does alot of his own building but unlikely to be flexible on taking a job. I’ll PM you