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I know this is the wrong thread for asking this question but anyway !

If i haven’t been a paid up member or played for my previous club in three years do i need to get a transfer still to a new club?

Or am I free to just join up with the new crowd?


You need to transfer officially.


… and you’re a tight wad …


Okay thanks !


Any one know about e-readers? Was going to buy a kobo is it a lot off hassle exporting kindle and applebooks to be used on a kobo? Cheers


My Kindle Fire is one of the best teccie products I ever bought. Love it !


Yeah it’s a very nice little well built device. I might even get one on black friday.


Kindle Paperwhite, the cats whiskers, tickling the dogs bollix.


Yeah heard they are good.


I don’t even use my Fire as an eReader much any more. It’s a great mini tablet. Very light & transportable. Down loaded that Now Online TV app (or whatever it was called) during the summer & watched a bunch of Sky qualifier games on it. Sometimes, your phone screen is just too small to fully appreciate your favorite un-named Connacht county crashing out of the champo. Stays charged forever too.


Anybody know what the deal is with 076 phone numbers ? Read its apparently a VOIP number .
Missed call from one today .


Where could I get a recording of the All Ireland senior football final of this year? Can’t find more than 2 or 3 minutes highlights anywhere.


€5 on GAA Go.


Some DVD box set out this week i think

#1854 This year’s final dvd due out in the shops on Friday.


Cheers folks.


Anyone use those Under Armour thermal leggings yokes - the ones the lads sport during winter league games - for keeping your lower extremities warm when cycling? Do they keep the wind out, when ya get up ta speed?


I’ve used the cycling leggings from Aldi for a couple of years, they do the job very well. Never bothered with the brand name stuff, but I’d imagine they would work as well if not better


By leggings, do you mean regular cycling shorts that are full length? I have several sets of those from either Aldi or Lidl and they are the biz. I’m just looking for thermals in particular, as the legs were froze off me yesterday. Been pricing cycling specific thermals on line and they are ridiculously expensive. The Under Armour jobbies are a lot cheaper, but don’t want to get them, if they are ineffective for cycling.


No they are the Aldi version of the cycling thermals, they also do them for motorbikes, almost identical to the cycling ones. Keep the legs lovely and toasty on the morning commute