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Slightly late to this, drop into Milltown House which is where Robert Mitchum stayed when filming Ryan’s Daughter. My cousin Stephen is the proprietor and has a lovely bar with some damn good whiskey in it.


Is the bar a recent addition? I thought it was an upmarket B&B?


Yeah, added in the last 2 years or so much to chagrin of Francis Brennan who advised against it when the hotel was being advised on “At Your Service”


On your way to Dingle, or way back, this place near Tralee is worth a look, especially the emigration historical stuff:


I was in Paidi s pub a few days before the 98 final and he was sitting at the bar with his pal drinking cans of Budweiser. I said to him suppose you ll be shouting for Micko s men at Sunday, forgetting that Kildare bet Kerry in the semi. He just grunted and shrugged his shoulders, probably thought I was a dub taking the piss out of him.


He’s dead to me! (Ulp, too soon? :flushed:)


I remember thinking it being a bit skanky him drinking cans of bud in his own pub of all places. Sister in law and her husband live in ventry and knew him well. He was an oddball and the gargle killed him.


I always found him to be good craic and liked the Dubs whenever we called in, albeit that the pub was a shrine to himself. I think he was good mates with Vinnie Murphy when he was in Tralee.


You must have caught on the good days so. That was my only encounter with him.


Weren’t they all… Albeit Páidí only ever had to face us once after a major defeat to Dublin.


Windows: uPVC and Sash.

I need the uPVC for the back of the house, but also need to replace the old wooden sash on the front (unless they can be restored?)

  1. Has anyone bought / installed any recently and can advise what Spec is really work splashing out on.

A mates dad is a builder and suggested the forking out for triple super duper what have you is madness…

  1. Can anyone recommend a seller?


Went with fairco for upvc windows and found them very good


Are you handy with the lámha at all? It’s very easy fitting windows, and you can save yourself a packet!


Yeah. I was looking at ‘buy off the shelf’ options alright Richey. I know B&Q sell them in England, so I’m assuming the same can be had here. Do you know a seller?

Thanks Maxi for the Fairco contact. Much appreciated.


I have a contact that I’ve used loads of times, I’ll send you details if you like, but any window company will do a supply only deal AFAIK


How was your phone bill this month chief ?
went back to full price for me - onto them now to sort it out


It is OK this month but I think I will have this issue next month. There is a fair few posts on boards about this. I read that you have to pay this full bill and then they will reapply the discounts for the next 6 months.

I do see on my bill for this month (due for payment on 20th) that all the discounts are for 6 months.

I will contact them now to make sure they are applying mine for the next six months.


was on to them this morning - the discount will be applied all right
so instead of 90 over 13 months , it will be 115 over 13 months

But 120 over 14 months in total both ways.

clear as mud


I just got told:

The offer is for 12 months, however the offer gets applied for 6 months and after that automatically it gets applied again for 6 months.

So I will see what happens with the next bill.


he was telling me he could see on my account that the discount was already applied for the coming months.