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Ventry… Of course it is. Wasn’t a typo, more of a brain fart!

As for Coomeenool beach, agree. Even on the calmest day, the waves there are bitching! Wasn’t that where the quiet man was filmed?

And yes, the Slea head drive is magnificent as long as you don’t happen upon a US tourist bus at one of the bends!


Wow. Jim Whelan by chance?




Many moons ago I arrive at Paidi’s for a pint - think it was a Saturday around 7. This car arrived beside me - sponsored job. Couldn’t see the driver’s side but he got out and next thing I heard the greatest nostril, throat clearing hack off all time - the earth shook. I needn’t tell ye who it was.


Maybe wrong but was it Ryan’s daughter that was filmed there?


Nah, I was wrong! Thanks!


Quiet Man up around Leenaun I think?


There’s a beauty queen up there as well!


Charter house is a great place for food too. It’s on the left just before the pier as you come in. Take a trip to the blaskets or skellig Michael well recommended.


Correct but mainly filmed in Cong and that’s where the statue of Maureen and John are now. Lovely town especially if you’re staying in Ashford Castle.

Leenane would be more famous for the location of The Field


And the Sheep Museum …


Cheers lads!


Howdy Lads. Im letting the young lad at Christmas play games against a group of his friends on the xbox. I have held of this long in letting him. But I want to be able control it tightly and monitor it. Any advice on this?

And also on gaming headset for around the 30/40 euro mark? Santy the fat fúck might be made of money and be financially doped by cheap elvish labour but I’m not. cheers


XBox Parental Controls?

My little lad has a NIntendo Switch. I have parental controls on it and get all info via an app on my phone.


Mount Brandon is a lovely mountain to climb but I personally wouldn’t do it without a somewhat experienced hillwalker.
Mount Eagle, overlooking Coumenoole and Dunquin would be less strenuous.
Rent a bike and cycle up The Conor Pass.

O’Flaherty’s Pub on Bridge Street would be my preference over somewhere like Dick Mack’s or An Droichead Beag for a pint. Foxy John’s isn’t bad, either.
One or two great pubs have closed down over the years, unfortunately.


Cheers. I’ll take a good look at that.

Spotted a reasonable pair of headphones in Argos|category_root|Video+games|14419738/c_2/3|cat_19780877|Headsets|28081695/Trail/searchtext>GAMING+HEADSETS.htm


Heading to The Bailie hotel in Cavan in a few weeks with the wife - anything worth seeing in the area?


A local buying a round?


Now that would be a first! I’m thinking we’ll just go on a pub crawl when we get there - seems like there is 12 so that should be plenty for a decent pub crawl!


's not yer man, what’s his face, Fleming?