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Another thing is , are you using an extension lead ?
That could be the problem if so.


Nope. No extension lead in use. No tripping of fuse boxes. 'Tis all about the switch on the yoke methinks.


Fair enough , considering how much they might charge to get it fixed & waiting on a part possibly you might be better off getting a new one .


If you need to replace it Homebase in Gulliver retail park have a good sale on mowers, including Bosch.


Just how I WASN’T planning on spending my Saturday afternoon ! :crazy_face:


Has it run out of petrol?


You have to put petrol into an electric mower? Diesel, unleaded, or will some of Daller’s dodgy crap work? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Has it run out of electricity?


Late in the day replying but better late than never.
Sounds like the spring has come loose.

Plug out and open up the casing around the switch and have a gander


You paid your electricity bill?


This conversation reminded me of the video of the old boy in the kitchen trying to start the hoover the way you start a petrol lawnmower … Classic :grinning:


Right, in Dingle for a few days, suggestions please!


If it’s Lisa Dingle wear a condom.


A few scoops in Paudi’s place. It’s about a 10 minute drive down the road. Wear something Dubs related and let effing rip with the plamàs.

The grub in Out Of The Blue is top notch.


If you are feeling fit & weather permitting,

Mount Brandon or Ballysitteragh Mountain are well worth the effort.


Dick Mac’s for a pint or two of stout, bloody lovely.

Go for a drive over the Conor Pass on a clear day (if you get one) the scenery is breathtaking. I recommend you don’t do this after said pints in Dick Mac’s!

Good deep sea fishing available from the harbour boat companies, if that floats your boat!!

Stay away from the aquarium, it’s shite.

Ans as PD said, pop out to Valentia, head to Paidis bar, always good craic out there if you’re in your Dubs gear!

I love west Kerry, have had some fabulous holidays there over the years.


I’m going to put that down to your phones auto correct & not a piss poor sense of direction. If you go out to Valentia Island, looking for Paudi’s, you’ll be looking a while. It’s just outside Ventry. :smiley:

Coonmeenool/naul Beach is another 10/15 mins on. Amazing spot for a pic-a-nic, especially if the weather is at all stormy or blowy. The waves are humongous, even on calm days. Just stay on the Slea Head Drive & you can’t miss it. Hands down, my favorite beach in Ireland. (After Dollier naturally. :shield: )


Sleá Head, stunning drive and views. Go out in town to the best music pubs on a week night if possible, they’re mobbed at the wknd. Or go in early


A good Dub and mate of mine owns the hotel on Valentia. Was featured with them pair of brothers on their show a few years back. Room to Intrude was it?