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Thanks Rochey, a phone no would be better.


8377240 Tracey is the family name


Won’t turn on. When you press the electric switch on the handle, 'nowt happens. Want to get a quote for just replacing that, versus buying a new mower. Can get a daycint Bosch jobbie in B&Q for €99. Want to decide today.


You don’t need a lawnmower repair man, you need an electrician or somebody handy with a meter. I’d volunteer my services except I’m going down the Nell in the next hour.


Slacker ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did you check the obvious first , fuse in the plug…


Always the first thing checked in my house.

(Also why none of the smoothie maker, George Foreman grill, hair tongs, DVD player, sandwich maker, blender and 2 of the 4 radios in my house currently have a functioning plug. :smirk: )


When did ya last use it ?


It cut out mid use. Stopped using it for about 60 seconds to move some planters & wouldn’t turn back on again.


Could have over heated . Not to go back to the original point but is the fuse you checked have the same rating as the one in the plug already ?


Yep. I know about the overheating. It had only been in use for about 5 minutes, so I doubt if that was the problem. Left it to cool down for the guts of an hour, just in case, but no joy.


Did you check the lead to see if there’s any breaks in it . Just eliminating stuff here .


Yep. All good there. Am 99.9% certain the handle switch thingamabob is the culprit. It felt kinda loose when pressing it back. There’s normally a slight bit of resistance when you press on it, so I think some sort of spring switch mechanism in it is buggered.


Thought the husband was handy :wink:.
Any chance he could have a look !


Unplug it first!!! Not being smart, but did you trip a switch on your fuse board?


Wait a minute.

You’re suppose to unplug electric mowers before your stick your hands into their innards?

Dammit. Why do people not tell me these things? :thinking:

Post edited out of respect to our more delicate Ressers squeamish sensibilities. :wink:


Could have done without that :nauseated_face:


Sorry. It’s a fake Halloween prop.


If there’s no resistance in the handle then its probably not completing the circuit . Did you give it a few attempts ?


I have a thing about fingers :mask:, my brothers used to crack them all the time . Freaked me out as a kid :flushed: