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havent looked at that, its an isofix one so more hassle than its worth I think.


the isofix base or just the car seat.
I’d say all new cars have the isofix brackets in them


For older kids these are worth a purchase. Fold up to about the size of a towel when deflated


the base itself would be fairly heavy and awkward to bring across


i hear ya.

Is there an option to use car seat as is without the base ?


not on my one unfortunately


Lads , anybody order anything from ebay from china . Do they still hit ya with taxes at customs once it hits ireland ?


I have loads of times, mostly its fine if the customs declaration shows that it has a small value, but I have also got caught out a couple of times too, Customs will write to you with a bill if you are unlucky enough to get rumbled


Where do you pay the bill if there is one ?


I paid it over the phone to the revenue by credit card


Cheers !


Didn’t know where to put this , interested on feedback with a lot of guys on here involved in juvenile coaching, I have recently decided to get involved with a juvenile set up. Where current coach has been there a while.
We have a situation where we have lost 3 players over the last 2 years to the age group above us. U12 gone to play for u13 team. 2 of them were our best players. Recent player was a stand out player and for us feedback I’m hearing is that this player wasn’t enjoying their football. This player had been combining playing for our team and the age group above us for the last 2 years as were the other 2. (Interested on opinions about this being allowed and do clubs have policies) obviously the child’s enjoyment should be first and foremost , but are you at a disadvantage If they are playing with the older kids and then coming back to you for games.

Another reason cited for the child’s unhappiness was they were asked to play for opposition when numbers were low in challenge games if we were winning well, id say this was because they were strong to give opposition a chance and they didn’t enjoy the experience.
I’m against this giving players to opposition if they are short.
Just wondering any thoughts on players being allowed play with grade above them.
I guess you can’t force a child to play with a group if they don’t want to.


It if is a big club with plenty of numbers kids should not play up imo. It is unfair on the lads on the team above and the opposition too. Clubs often have a policy of not playing up at underage and smaller ones only do so for 2nd or 3rd teams where they fill out numbers


My young lad plays U12 but had togged out for the U13b team when they have been stuck. I’d never let him drop his own age team to play for a team above though.


That’s a tough one. We have a policy that the players must play with their own age group first and foremost but some of the older teams ignore it. It’s strictly enforced now in the younger teams though and I enforce it with my lad too. He is asked to Play up several times but only does it when he hasn’t a match with his own team.

I’ve seen it cause ructions in other teams and clubs so needs to be managed carefully. I think a firm policy is the only way forward.


Can be a tough one if the child involved is just too young to play the above age group and all their friends are there so they are “made Play” with the kids from a younger class etc.
I can see both sides but ultimately they should play their own age group especially if there is a clash or their own age group is struggling for numbers


Boys should only play out if their age group if numbers are required to make a team. No other reason.


Any Ressers know of any lawn mower repair places, that you can actually contact of a Saturday afternoon & speak to a real live person? Baldoyle, Raheny, Coolock. Malahide Rd etc etc areas.

Found loads of repair businesses online, but not a single bloody one seems to be contactable. You would think it’s their busiest day of the week, no?


Whats up with the mower ?


There’s one just behind the Autobahn… I can get you the address if you like