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I don’t know if the mods mind or not though?


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Let’s have a little think about that shall we. So you want to start a thread on the All Ireland Club c’ship … on a GAA website …

Doubt the mods will buy that one.


What about when she gets out of bed?


It’s due a service so I might get them to check it out. Strange there is not valve in the hot press though as some of you mentioned.


its generally located there - if your due a service well then there is no harm getting the chap out (let me know who you use as my boiler is long overdue a service)


Will do - I cleared out the hot press and couldn’t find any such valve but then again it could be looking me in the face. I’ll let you know who we go with.


The filler valve is most likely local to your boiler, look at and around your boiler it should be there ( usually on flexi with small black or blue valve as in pic above) If you do get plumber out to service boiler, it’s a good idea to get a dozen key ring tags and get plumber to label all the valves or at least the ones you can’t identify yourself.


Cheers Mate - all I could see was a red round valve which I turned both ways to no effect. No sign of a blue or black valve anywhere that I could see. I’ll get him to show me step by step what needs to be done if this happens again.


It will be at the bottom of boiler when you lift the cover off.


I’ll check later and update accordingly. I was checking at in the hot press - should I be looking at the actual boiler unit in the kitchen?




Located a yellow valve under the boiler and turned it opposite way but no luck, drained 2 more rads but still no luck - any plumbers on her fancy a nixer pm me please? Boiler needs a service too I’d say


Who is your gas with? they usually offer a boiler service for around the 80 euro mark.


Energia - rang them today - service booked in for next Tuesday - €85 - not too bad


Did you get the bold talk from the mods about other threads? Don’t mind them, they’re all talk…


Anyone any tips on hiring a car in England for a weekend? Hidden charges to be aware of etc


Yeah, get additonal excess charge insurance. The excess charges in the UK are insane, even if you already get insurance on the car. It’s usually a stand alone policy, sold separately to the main policy itself.


Depending on your needs, would be of any help?


need to get a car seat for a 1 year old as well so will probably have to go through the usual few companies


how much is it to bring the car seat on the plane ?