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Anyone fancy doing all that for me? Haven’t a clue where to even start.


Nearly having a similar problem, got two new bathrooms installed a couple fo weeks ago. But only noticed a drop in water pressure at the kitchen sink and the boiler won’t fire up. Was trying to boost the heat using the Climate device. Would I have grounds to call back the plumber is that something he could of done as switch of something?


normally there will be a valve in the hot press which is closed - you open this to top up the pressure in the boiler. generally there is a gauge there as well that will show you the pressure - if not (or its broken like my one) open the valve for 10/15 seconds and see how much the pressure rises and go from there - make a note for yourself so you know which way is turned off !


ah yeah, call the plumber and let him know what the story is. The climote is a fancy on off switch maybe check to see what the temp is set to on the climote - naturally if it is set to 18 degrees and the thermostat is reading 20 - its not going to fire up.


Is it a combi boiler, @MarysMan? Or do you have a hot-water storage tank (in your hot press)?


Yeah I though it was that alright, and reset the the 16 degrees to fire it up. But the Boost option overides everything anyway? The boiler is dead as feck. Think it could be a case of re pressuring the boiler. Thanks for that link.


climote version i have the boost is still ruled by the thermo stat.

You might need to set the Temp set point to the high 20’s rather than 16s.
Set it to 30 and if the boiler comes on - maybe ring the plumber to ask about the lower pressure.
If the boiler doesnt fire up - reset the set point to something normal ! and then ring the plumber.


We have a hot water storage tank in the hot press.


Ok… I have a combi boiler - I was going to describe how I would set about re-pressurising it. I’m not sure about non-combi boiler (for the want of a better description).


Will do. Cheers


We’ve a Facebook page for our estate and it happened someone a while ago and it’s an easy fix

On the pic below you can see how the filling valve and the pressure gauge look like, they’re located in the hot press. To top up the pressure open the filling valve with the black handle. When you start to turn it you will hear the noise of water flowing, which is fine. At the same time keep watching the pressure gauge, it should not exceed 1.5 bar. When it reaches 1.5 bar, close off the valve, the presuure gauge will drop a bit, which is fine again. That’s it. Check the pressure again on the boiler in the kitchen, it should be around 1.5 bar as well.


Cheers Mate - hope that sorts it - the boss complaining its cold when she gets up in the morning.


Any joy ?


I bled all the rads but there is no valve in the hot press beside the boiler


Worked a treat. Burst mains up the road responsible for the low pressure.


Jaysus you fixed a burst mains up the road?! Horse of a man @JJF


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