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Ah here - don’t you know she’ll get a free kit, boots and all. You’ll have to settle for a car …


:joy:… Straight out to Neary’s in Lusk afterwards!


They missed a trick with the Pope … and him driving around in a wee Skoda!


I suggest retirement as the best treatment for those aches. Takes me 3 days to recover from weekly 5 a side.


Best of luck with it. I hope you both thoroughly enjoy it.


Just to say thanks for the help and advice last week. Brought the little one down to nursery on Saturday and she loved it. She’s on the pitch from next week so we went and got boots on Saturday.

I watched on in amazement at the level of commitment and enthusiasm from all the volunteers. Absolute heroes.


Fair play. Love me Saturdays going to the club with the kids.


Meath stars of the future.


don’t be afraid to lend a hand lifting cones and collecting balls etc . Its all appreciated by the coaches … obviously don’t be too keen or you will get pulled in fulltime :grin:


We are all God’s children beeko.


Aint that the truth - Don’t know how they deal with 4 to 6/7 year olds. i got called in to give a dig out in a drill the idea being to get the lads use to contact when they have the ball in their hands. I’m sure some parents where concerned that a large man was hitting their kids - naturally i wasnt killing them like in my playing days
just a gentle slap of the ball, but it was funny to see the cockier kids run as far away from me as possible , and a few of them fun into me with no fear.


In fairness kids have always liked @Bosco


stuck heating on tonight but nothing happened. pressure is at 0 as per photo - any ideas what needs to be done?


Pay your lecce bill?


Ha ha very good, it’s my gas that’s not coming on.


When’s the last time you checked the pressure before noticing it at zero. Locate the filler valve and bring the pressure up to just under a bar. Switch on the time clock and press the reset on the boiler.


What he said!


Would it help to bleed the rads, also?


No idea where the filler valve is lads. Would that be near the boiler? We haven’t switched the heat on in months.


yip . top it up , bleed the rads , look at the pressure again then top up