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Have you tried Carrolls that sells all that Darby O’Gill tourist shite?


Will do!


Just checked in one there now and they don’t have them, only flags and Diddly i music.


Suppose you miss out the “Hats, Scarves and Headbands” lads, what with you getting a lift in the limo right to the entrance to the AC?


Try €2 shops


Thanks Al and all - procured in JD Sports I believe … despite a prior phone call when girl said they had none …


:joy: :+1:
We should start a ‘customer service’ thread. Yesterday I was in a certain beautifully located gastro pub near Blanch village and ordered some drinks. I was told I had to pay on order. Fair enough. Now read on…
I asked the staff if they had any cakes/sweets etc. “Ahhh no, we have crisps.” I persisted, and she says they have a dessert menu but where are we sitting? Outside says I. “Ah no you can only have food inside”. Wtf?! says I. “It’s because of walk-outs”.
Now at this juncture even a dope like me could work out that if you have to pay up front for orders, at their insistence mind, then ‘walkouts’ are not possible. When I pointed this out she just looked blankly at me. At which very point the comedy was completed when my sister came in from outside saying it’s too cold, and the staff chirps “oh now you can order food!”

I s.hit you not.


any lads here have a good tips for stretching out a tight calf and sligthly toublesome achilles heel. Playing in an over 40s comp and want to loosen it as much as possible. Many thanks! Ive googled it and theres plenty on line going o give this a good luck.


Have you ried a bucket of water and a sponge?

That worked for everything before sports science got involved!


And smelling salts. There was no need for HIA’s when we had smelling salts. Concussion didn’t exist.


Not since I tried to wash me balls out in the back garden.


Ive become immune to them. The wife uses them on me to get me out of bed every Saturday.


Try a foam roller for the calf and try rolling a golf ball or sliotar under the ball of your foot to ease any tension in the muscles of the foot that may impact on the heel/lower calf area.


Savage. Cheers Vin.


Golf ball? La de dah northsiders. Back in the 80s in Tallaght, a golf ball would have kept a family fed for a fortnight :wink:


A golf ball in blanchero was a weapon of mass destruction


Trivial question but one that’s just dawned on me.

I’m planning on bringing the little one down to GAA Nursery tomorrow for the first time. No idea if she’ll take to it or not. But she has no boots, does that matter?

Forecast is for rain tomorrow and if it’s on the grass she’ll be slipping all over the place in her runners.


Generally at that age in nursery I find they love “falling” :joy:


My experience is that once she is with her friends she will have fun anyway. To many getting mucky is part of said fun ( to some its the devil and must be avoided especially in girls ). Coaches should be ensuring in nursery that its fun based with some skills for younger kids so don’t stress too much. In my club we see a lot of parents dropping boots off that their kids grow out of for children like your daughter so they can work away while deciding if its for them or not.


Cheers lads… we’ll go with the runners tomorrow and see how it goes.

It only occurred to me now and I don’t want to be buying boots in case she decides she doesn’t like it.