Ask ResDubs


Both work fine. :+1:


Update on this , loving the vap. I can slowly feel I’m enjoying the flavour more of the vap than the cigarettes . Trying to use it during the day , and then a few smokes in the evening . But it’s definitely working & my bank balance is appreciating it too !


Well finally stopped the ‘I’ll start when I finish this pack’ weekend of joy and increased narkeyness…


Best of luck ! What flavour ya go for ?


Just went with normal tobacco starting off, I’ll start experimenting as I get used to it…Tried it earlier, was like smoking a Woodbine I’d robbed from my Granny once…


What mg did you get ? Maybe try a lower one to ease into it .


I always tempted to write: Ask me bollocks, in response to Ask ResDubs.

Carry on.


Only 6mg, had amps too high and vent open, won’t do that again…


Ah right , I didn’t adjust the settings too much on mine when I got it .
V = 4.5


Good to hear you are getting on well.
I would be wary of using a low strength Nicotine starting out. I used 18mg strength for a few months and weaned myself down. Using a high Nic strength keeps the edge off at the start.
Regarding Wattage, Ohms, Coils/Atomizers etc this is a useful guide thats relatively easy to grasp.


Fair play lads it turned out lovely @Rochey @DUB09! Still a bit of work to do. But nearly there.


Nice, very neat.

Measure twice, cut once!


I love the integrated beer taps.


… said the Rabbi.


Looks great


:+1: I’ll be back to finish it on Wednesday


Cheers. Ya know we where back in boom times when yer tradesmen tells ya he will call out some time between Monday and Friday.


Hey relax man … I didn’t say which Wednesday


Looks lovely JJF. Alls ya need now is the jacuzzi and the bathroom under the stairs and you’re sorted! :grinning:


Lads and lassies - anyone know where I might pick up a couple of Dublin scarves? The cupboard is bare in respect of O’Neills, Lifestyle, Elverys and the usual suspects … anywhere else? Thanks.