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Yes… and slightly overweight da’s with mid life crises, dodgy knees, ankles, tickers and who feel the picture is on but there is no sound!


I keep seeing this


Anyone any idea where one could get a car window sticker of the Dublin crest? O’Neills seem to only have the mini jersey.


That’s f**k all use alright if you don’t drive a mini


Never seen them. If you do get one, please let me know.


Never seen them myself. It was after I bought Dublin Crest Cuff links it got me thinking about a car window sticker. Might make one up on one of the online printing sites.

Cuff links are here


They’re amazing!

Carrolls do an older crest sticker I think.



The Dublin crest is copyrighted to DCB though, so getting window stickers made up without a license might be a tad tricky.


Yes. If you ask.


Go through a foreign website, they won’t have a clue what it is.


Cufflinks? Cufflinks FFS!!??


Esmark Finch probably your best bet or MacGowans in Ballymun


Question here for any tilers or lads who know what the fook they are doing when it comes to DIY.

Get ensuite bathroom tiled, fairly nuetral type of cream marble. Is it possible to use said tile as a skirting board instead of putting back the actually wooden skirting? I’m talking about cutting a section of the floor tile and using that? Anyone ever do that?cheers


Yep, I did it in my bathroom. Black polished marble tile cut in 4 inch widths. Use tile cement to hold onto the wall, worked out well enough!


Cheers! Tiler coming tomorrow so I’ll tell him to do it that way. how thick was the tile?


Great Q. Maybe 1/4 inch??


Cheers rochey, the tile I have is the same I was just thinking was it a bit skimpy but it actually looks nice. It’s only going in a small area anyway. But will look well. If I can get it as good as this I’ll be happy. Cheers


Whole downstairs is tiled with mix of wood and tiled skirting. Steel rimmed top is a nice finish.


Cheers. I was just going to use the the polished edge of the tile but might see dies he have enough chrome edging.

Thank you @Rochey and @DUB09