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I gather it’s mains… I’ll do up a drawing about how it should be if I can… Stand by!


Rough as a badgers arse, but easy to follow!!!




Wired to the mains . So basically whoever installed it back in the '70s did it in a real unconventional way , well unconventional to me anyway , my background is electrical maintenance & I’m stumped why he did it this way . So ya know yourself , it’s a loop with the doorbell completing the circuit. But there are different gauge wiring at the bell compared to the wiring at the chime . So you have one wire coming from live at the transformer to one contact on bell . Then common wire on the other contact on the bell . Seems straightforward but the chime is in a kitchen in back of house . The two wires for the chime are completely different gauge compared to wire at the door ( bell ) . Now all I can imagine is he has connected two different gauge wires together ( common from doorbell to common to chime ) and then second wire on chime going back out to negative on transformer to complete the circuit . Because I researched it and I can’t see how he could have had the two wires coming from the chime back to the transformer, it’s not possible? Like can any wire from the chime be connected to a live on the transformer ?
Live from transformer to contact on bell
Common wire on other contact which should run to chime .
Then second wire on chime running back to negative on transformer to complete circuit .
Question , would he have had to connect two different gauge wires to do this .
I’ll try & explain this better if I can as I know it’s abit drawn out :sob:


It’s a fair cop…

Drawing on a macbook that’s 10 years old, where the pad has missing sensitivity spots (like it’s owner) is rather difficult!


Also is it a possibility that there were 2 bell switches? One at front door or at back/side door??

To rule all the bullshit out. Go to a motor factors or elec wholesaler, buy a reel of speaker wire and re wire it!!! Obvoiusly don’t use speaker wire from mains to the transformer!! You’d be better off replacing wires used in the 70’s anyway. If there’s parts of the wire you cant replace and you don’t want to dig up for fear of showing wire, test that section with a continuity tester, if it’s good, use it. If it’s not, bite the bullet!!!


No , only one . Real poxy job . Last guy had the wires plastered over visibly in a patio to outside wall and didn’t drill a hole in the wall so they were sticking out had no give in them to wire to bell . Wires broke trying to put on new bell and this is when I realised the different gauge .
Can the wiring from the transformer go to chime bell box first ? Thought they would go to switch first and then loop from there to chime ?


Yeah, it can, as long as the circuit is completed the bell will chime. The transformer is there to keep 220 volt from an outside switch (doorbell button) from electrocuting the caller!!! It would be extremely unusual to have a 220 v chime anyway. I’ve never seen one…

There’s a couple of ways. 220v to transformer. 12V pos to chime on to switch and back to chime and back to transformer. Or vice versa. They are not polarity sensitive AFAIK. As long as the circuit is completed.

You need to get yourself a multimeter and start checkin continuity If you get continuity from one point to another, you can start drawing a diagram (better than mine above obviously!!!) on what you find and then decide what wires are broken in the circuit.

Otherwise, get your arse to B&Q and buy yourself one of those wireless set ups and discard your old system!


Good call Rochey. £20.00 in my local hardware. No wiring. Insert battery & push. Ding dong.


Where ya falling of a ladder when you sketched that? Don’t be blaming the macbook. If the pad is missing sensitive spots its more or likely a bulging battery. Whack an SSD in that book and you’ll get another couple of years out of it.


Oh its all done , fixed and working . I just couldn’t figure why he used the two different gauge wires . I didn’t think about the transformer going to chime first . Would an electrician really use a connector like this in such an arrangement , can’t understand why he didn’t hardwire the whole . BTW I don’t know how he connected two wires of different gauge if he did it that way , its buried in the ceiling or somewhere .


First the weather thread, now this …, Rochey I keep seeing a geek kid with a Bunsen burner and a snotty nose now where your avatar used to be …


Replaced the screen, keypad, battery and upgraded the memory in the last 4 years! I know it’s like triggers brush, but it’s still 10 years old!!! Love this yoke.

Was quoted over 1k by compubee to upgrade it’s memory and battery, did it myself using ebay and youtube for less than 50!!! The pad is screwed though, I’m working on that at the moment!


Yep, I’ve seen sparks use them regularly! Mad innit? They’re safe as long as they’re insulated from their environment.

As long as it’s working dude. Ding Dong!


Would they wrap insulation tape around them , would that be common practice ?


I’m just a very curious guy dude. Love mother nature and have a good mechanical reasoning brain… I’m a thick at everything else mind you!


Not really, normally in an OBO box. On the low voltage side, I’d say it’s acceptable in a car and have done it in the past, not sure what the standards would be in a sparks environment mind you! 12V is 12V I suppose.


What…you mean like someone calls them a dirty, rat faced, cheating weasel ?

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Cheers, you’ve been most helpful , cyber pint winging its way to you :beers::metal:


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