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Drive her like she’s stolen is only a figure of speech you know?


Anyone playing over 40’s Gaelic Pella in their clubs?


Was thinking of getting back into it. Why?


We have it going in navan and getting decent enough nunbers. Lads like it as it’s non contact and easy enough going. Id look to getting some challenge matches / blitzes going further a field.


Ah here


I know it takes some getting used to. But look some of the lad’s haven’t played in years and the last thing they want is to be tackling and taking any kind of hits. It’s a bit if craic


Careful who ye play. I went up to look at training one night and it was savage. As are the friendlies. Christ I wasn’t competitive when I was 25 so I’ll be fcuked if I’m starting now .


How do you even play non contact? Are you not allowed tackle at all? How do you stop someone in that case?


Anyone know where I could get some of these lads? They are the plastic connection between the steel poles on the tent and the fiberglass rods


O’Meara Camping maybe?


Ann Summers.


This is the game. As said it takes a while to get used to. But bear in mind average age is 45-50. Lads just want a bit of a run out without the worry of getting poleaxed.


You will find them online if you’re not in a hurry, otherwise O’Meara is your man!


It actually looks alright!


I’ve searched, this was my last resort because I knew I’d get at least one smart arse reply! I’ve emailed te picture to O Mearas to see if they could help. Cheers lads


There’s another place out in Coldwinters on the old Ashbourne Road that have a lot of that kind of stuff. Can’t think of name.


Is there??? Be interested to hear that, share please if you remember!


There’s an outdoors/camping shop closing down on Capel st near Slatterys pub. Probably worth a shot.



Is this Gah for Da’s :sob::sob: