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Dolans. Has a few teles and a big screen.


Looking for a bed


Moyross has some cheap options. :wink:


Have stayed in The Pier Hotel several times when down with the outlaw in-laws. Bang in the middle of town. A bit plain, but doesn’t charge the prices that the more hipster, boutique hotels do. Grand spot fer a quick in & out jobbie. The Quays bar adjacent is full of Munster rugby types, but sure what can you do…


:+1: Was looking at that one PD and its reasonable enough. No nightclub in it or anything?!


Don’t remember. If there is, it’s never been noisy enough to keep me awake, or provided a shift good enough to stick in the memory. :blush:


Apart from one or two here the rest of ye are an absolutely useless bunch of hoors …


Try Hotel Dundon.


Air B&B maybe worth a shot. Can get an apartment reasonable enough - 60eur for Sat night .


Just wondering if the battery power affects the drag off the vap. I had an issue with it this morning where there was zero resistance ( ohms :joy:) and it didn’t work . I reseated the bottom of it as it had become a little loose & this fixed the resistence issue but it doesn’t seem to be a strong as it was before . The battery is at about 40% , would this have any effect on it ?


Looking at getting a new shower door installed in the ensuite. The tray is fine so it’s just something like this:

Anyone know what it might cost to get it installed and any recommendations? I’m based Dublin Northside.


Hi there only seeing this now. If the battery is at 40% it shouldnt affect you firing the unit up to vape the same as it would at at fully charged.
Is the battery in your unit removable or a built in one?
On another note as the tank I put the liquid in and the battery are removable once a week I clean the contacts on them as once or twice the unit appeared totally dead to me.
Just unscrewing each part and wiping the thread areas clean with kitchen towel does the trick.


Battery is within the unit . Yeah , i took apart & cleaned each of them individually . It was when i went through the settings that i found the reading was 0 for ohms . So i put it back together & it sorted it.First real instance today where i ran out of smokes & HAD to use it . I survived , it really is a great bit of gear .I can see why they are so popular . What I’m trying now is one cig , then the next time the vap. It seems to be working so I’ll keep at that until i can eventually eliminate the cig altogether .


Ressers, anyone read Sunday Times? And still have a copy? Looking to get article from yesterday. Cheers Liam


No harm to google the kit you have to see what the quirks are with it.
When my unit showed zero ohms I screwed the coil back in place, cleaned the contacts and voila.
Personally I just finished with the smokes full stop. If your plan works its all good.


Yeah , i did the exact same . I was shitting it because i thought it was broken , after only a week :persevere:. I must read up more on the coil


Anybody got the 4k ultra hd package on Sky Sports , any good ?


Anybody used GO Car?


A lad in work used one a few weeks ago, said they were convenient but he kept it for longer than he thought and ended up paying over €100 for about 8 hours. His advice was to check out the additional charges, I think you get charged per mile. Sounds like they’re good for short trips around the city but if you need it for the full day you’re better off renting a car


Treat like Dublin bikes and you’re laughing. €8 a hour!! It’s a bargain…

One flaw with the system…you have to leave the car back where you got it…
Imagine if you could pick up a car in ballsbridge on a Friday, drive to Galway, say 2.5 hours, leave it in Eyre Sq and it cost you and three mates 20 odd quid!!! Petrol and all is included!.